Sunday, December 3, 2023

Hudson Gallery Paints the Scene in Sylvania

Made for local artists, by local artists

When Hudson Gallery opened its doors in 2003, no one, not even owner and director Scott Hudson, could have imagined it would become, beyond a home for eclectic, original art, a hub for inspiration and a place for the Toledo arts community to flourish and grow.

For years, Hudson had dreamed about opening a gallery, but his original concept was very different from today’s Gallery. While Hudson Gallery is now engrained with local roots and features community-based artists, it once had a much broader aim.  “We focused more on nationally-recognized artists,” Hudson said. “But we missed working with our friends in the local art scene.”

After the economic collapse of 2008, Hudson and his wife and co-owner Barbara saw how the local arts community was impacted and decided to launch a concentrated effort to represent more local and regional artists. Soon, Hudson Gallery was filled with familiar faces and pieces. “We still represent national artists,” Hudson said. “But our focus is now closer to home.” 

A Gallery For All
Hudson sees the Gallery as a living, breathing part of the scene. “Galleries play a huge role in their community,” he said. “They support the artists they represent, are economic drivers and educate, inspire and motivate both artists and collectors.” He’s adamant that an area can never have too many galleries, shooting down the misconception that gallery owners dislike competition.

Hudson can relate to the artists he features, as he and Barbara are both avid and talented painters. At the time of the grand opening, they had planned to split their time between the gallery and their own studio painting. However, the success of the gallery has limited the time they have for creating their own art. “We still try to find time when we can to make work,” he said. 

Being an artist himself allows Hudson a unique perspective and understanding as an art dealer.  “Knowing the grind to create pieces, market them and sell them is very helpful,” he said. “My favorite part of owning this gallery is mailing the checks to the artists after each sale because I know how hard it is to make good art.” Being a significant part of this process is far and away Hudson’s biggest joy and motivator.

Looking ahead
The future holds additional promise for the Gallery. Hudson is eager for several upcoming exhibitions such as a spring exhibit featuring artist Justin Keller and two master printmakers, Mary Brodbeck and Yoshisuke Funasaka.  “We look for expert craftsmanship, professionalism and a narrative,” Hudson explains. “Both the production and ownership of art is emotion-based, so we particularly look for work where the passion of the artist is pushed forward.”

The Hudson Gallery, 5645 Main St, Sylvania.
Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Saturdays, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

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