Perrysburg Musical Theatre’s “Hands on a Hardboy”

. May 9, 2018.

Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction, so it’s no surprise fiction often takes a cue from the lives we lead. Such is the case in Perrysburg Musical Theatre’s production, Hands on a Hardbody. The musical first premiered on the stage in 2012, inspired by the award-winning documentary from 1997 of the same name about a small-town Texas endurance test where people compete to win a truck by seeing who can keep their hands on it for the longest time. See the story of ten very different Texans, all vying to win a truck during the musical’s weekend run.

$15 | May 18-20 | 7pm, Friday-Saturday | 2pm, Sunday
Owens Community College Theatre, 30335 Oregon Rd., Perrysburg.