Croswell Opera House’s 2018 Schedule: From Abba to Oz

. May 22, 2018.
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Adrian’s historic Croswell Opera House is one of our region’s treasures. Here’s a look at what’s coming up on the theater’s 2018 schedule.

Mamma Mia!

June 15-17, June 22-24, June 29-July 1

The story: A young woman invites her mother’s ex-lovers to her wedding to find out which one is her birth father.
Biggest reason to see it: Make that 23 reasons—23 of Abba’s greatest hits, from “Dancing Queen” to “Waterloo,” woven into one high-energy dance party of a musical.
Something else to know: Since its opening in 1999, Mamma Mia! has been seen by over 60 million people in 53 countries.


August 10-12, August 16-19

The story: After his museum burns down, legendary entertainer P.T. Barnum takes his show on the road.
Biggest reason to see it: From acrobatics to aerial silks, the spectacle of Barnum is unmatched.
Something else to know: Although it’s based on the same story, this isn’t The Greatest Showman. The musical Barnum, which features music by Cy Coleman, debuted on Broadway in 1980.

She Loves Me

July 13-15, July 19-22

The story: Two lonelyhearts fall in love by mail, not realizing they work at the same store, where they are bitter rivals.
Biggest reason to see it: She Loves Me is charming, funny, and an undeniable Broadway classic. Also: Hometown favorite Shonn Wiley, who was in the original Chicago cast of Jersey Boys, is coming home to guest star in the show.
Something else to know: This musical helped inspire the Tom Hanks–Meg Ryan film You’ve Got Mail.


September 21-23, September 27-30

The story: Three groups of people—an upper-class suburban family, a father and daughter from Latvia, and an African-American community in Harlem—experience life in turn-of-the-century America.
Biggest reason to see it: The spectacular Tony Award-winning score, backed by a 20-piece live orchestra.
Something else to know: Many real figures from history appear in the show, including anarchist Emma Goldman, escape artist Harry Houdini, and automotive tycoon Henry Ford.

Next to Normal

October 19-21, October 26-28

The story: A modern suburban family copes with a mother’s worsening bipolar disorder.
Biggest reason to see it: This rock musical won critical praise not just for its brilliantly written music, but also for treating a difficult subject with both honesty and compassion.
Something else to know: Only eight musicals have ever won the Pulitzer Prize for drama. Next to Normal is one of them.

The Wizard of Oz

November 24-25, November 30-December 2, December 7-9

The story: Young Dorothy and her dog are transported by a cyclone to the magical land of Oz.
Biggest reason to see it: There’s a reason this story is such a classic! Bring the whole family to experience this magical tale.
Something else to know: The Croswell’s spectacular take on the cyclone scene will be unforgettable!

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