Church 3TwentyOne presents On Golden Pond

. October 25, 2017.

It’s unlikely Ernest Thompson knew what an asteroid-sized impact his small play about a retired New England couple would have upon the lives of millions of people when it was first performed in 1979. But On Golden Pond continues to reign as one of the most perceptive and quietly profound explorations of marriage, cross-generational relationships, and mortality ever produced for the stage or screen (Let’s not forget that the 1981 film adaptation with Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn garnered three Oscars and seven additional nominations). By turns laugh-inducing and tear-jerking, On Golden Pond must be experienced in a live theater at least once and, courtesy of the Tree City Playhouse, you now have your chance. $10/general. $8/students and seniors. 7:30pm, Friday-Saturday. 3pm, Sunday. November 3-5.

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