Writing a new theater community at the Toledo Repertoire

. February 7, 2017.

In theater, ordinary people get the opportunity to make their voices heard. The Toledo Repertoire Theatre takes the concept to the next level with Toledo Voices, showcasing the talents of four different playwrights, giving them an opportunity to see their script realized on stage.

The program originally began with Artistic Director Dave DeChristopher who saw a lack of new material in the area. “I am a playwright and to me, the fostering of new work is an integral part of theater. There’s not a lot of theater in Toledo that is new work with new playwrights. My hope is to raise awareness and to become a new opportunity.”
After submitting works last year, four playwrights were chosen. Now, they will have their pieces performed for the first time as a reading, with a talkback with the writer, cast, and director after the performance. Meet the playwrights.


Nina Wright

Day Job: Teacher,
writer, and corporate trainer
Experience: Longtime playwright. My plays have been produced at the Village Players and in Chicago.
Tania (A Hostage Comedy) follows the misfortunes of Patti Hearst from her kidnapping in the mid-1970s, to becoming a fugitive. While writing the play, Nina Wright found a lot of humor in Hearst’s affliction. “She was an unintentional celebrity. I found a lot of unintended humor in a cluster of bad choices.”

Performing on Saturday, February 11.


Scott Regan

Day Job: Retired Bowling Green State University
theatre professor
Experience: First attempt writing an adult play. Directed plays at The Rep and BGSU.
Life and Death embraces the intimacy and sadness that follow a couple, once drifted apart, who find themselves together again in a twist of unexpected events. Regan notes that this was his first attempt at writing an adult play and he wanted to make it relatable. “It’s about two middle-aged people who meet at a high school reunion and have an affair.”

Performing on Saturday, February 25.


Tanner DuVall

Day Job: Firefighter and University of Toledo student
Experience: Wrote first play at 18 and had it produced at 19. Written six plays total.
Originally inspired by two people sitting in a coffee shop discussing morality, Coffee Cream zooms in on a moment. The simplicity of the scene is what brings out the depth of the conversation. 22-year old Tanner DuVall noted that a friend helped to inspire the play and this work is reflective on his life at that time. “It’s the first play I’ve written that deals with morality. I try to write about what’s going on in my life currently, which leads to the bleak tone.”

Performing on Saturday, February 25.


Deborah Coulter

Day Job: English Professor
Experience: Wrote two plays. Been in 128 plays.
Sheba Rules gives an overview of the Queen of Sheba’s role in history. It presents theological and historical rumors of Sheba from her possible love, familial and
business connections, and more. When asked about her fascination with Sheba, Coulter noted that the queen was a mystery and Coulter always loved a mystery. “I can describe the play in four words:
funny, violent, sexy and dramatic.”

Performing on Saturday, March 11.


Readings will have an 8pm curtain time | $4.75
Toledo Repertoire Theatre | 16 10th St.
419-243-9277 | toledorep.org