Toledo According to Haley Taylor

. November 9, 2016.

Toledo’s a big town with a lot of friendly faces. Ever wonder what a walk in Ottawa Park, or throughout Downtown, is like for other residents? We’re stepping inside the soles and souls of Toledoans to learn how they fill up their Glass City.

Name: Haley Taylor
Age: 25
Occupation: Radio Host and Producer for The Rough Draft Diaries on WGTE Public Media
Toledoan since: This is tricky. I lived near Toledo since I was a kid, but I wouldn’t call myself a proper Toledoan until I started working at WGTE in 2013.

The local artists and musicians I love are Dooley Wilson, Heavy Color, Dani Herrera, Jodi Lyn, Estar Cohen Band, Steve Mockensturm. There’s so many!

For the best view in Toledo, I go to…. I don’t know if it’s the best view of Toledo but I like the view from the roof of Toledo Public Library.

When out of towners visit me, I always take them to our parks (if the weather is nice) and the museum (if the weather is not).


1. _______ is the Toledoan I most admire. Producing The Rough Draft Diaries means I’ve met so many interesting, admirable Toldoans. It sounds so cliche, but I honestly couldn’t pick one.

There is a particular spot in a particular MetroPark that is my secret spot. I love it and shall never tell where it is… or it wouldn’t be my secret spot.


2. I wish Thackeray’s Book Store was still open. Does anyone remember this store? I loved it.

The hardest thing about living in Toledo is the roads, seriously they’re the worst. Why is there construction on every. single. road? But the best thing is the people.

I always brag about Toledo’s spunk. There are some wonderfully weird, passionate people who love this city and aren’t afraid to show it.

To find inspiration, I go to 20 under 40. I’ve only been once, but there were so many talented, hard-working individuals in that space that I felt motivated and honored to be a part of that crowd.


3. The last store I went to was Wixey Bakery.

The first three words that come to mind about Toledo are: weird, wonderful, and passionate. A good combination.

Too many people think there’s nothing to do in Toledo, but it is so easy to stay connected and informed by checking out, The Toledo City Paper, Toledo Region, The Arts Commission, events on Facebook, explore downtown, etc.

My favorite night out in Toledo most likely happened on Adams Street.

If I need to buy a present for a special occasion, I know Maker’s Mart will hook me up with a great gift.

The street I drive/walk on most often is Anthony Wayne Trail. I don’t walk it but after moving twice, It’s still that stretch I use to get to work.

I know Tony Packo’s Sweet Hots will satisfy my munchies.

The cheese cutting ceremony at The Anderson’s is my favorite annual event. 

If money wasn’t an object, I would buy and renovate an OWE house.

Toledo’s theme song should be Coming Up by Paul McCartney.