The Toledo Auto Show gears up for a 100 year celebration at the Seagate Center

. January 27, 2017.
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The 100th year of the Toledo Auto show demonstrates that history can be just as engaging as the most advanced models on display.

“It’s just really interesting to think about what the auto show used to look like— back then with two cars and two dealers at a train station— to what it has evolved to,” says Auto Show Director Ami DeAngelo.


A show with a lot of miles

This eye on the past is evident at the entrance of the show, where visitors are met with a display of a 1917 Model 37 Roadster, from Stahl’s Automotive Foundation. Able to reach speeds of about 50mph, this three-speed Roadster has been restored to working condition and actually drove here from Chesterfield, Michigan. While the technology has made advancements, the core physics of auto making have always remained the same.




“You still have an internal combustion engine, so they haven’t evolved as much as some people think. Now [the engine is] electronic, but it is based on the same basic principle as it was 100 years ago,” says the collection technician from Stahl’s Automotive Foundation, Chris Deneau.


Rev your engines

The show floor contrasts with the displays in front by exhibiting the latest advancements from over 23 different manufacturers. Guests are able to get a close look at the cars, and even take them for a drive to see how they perform with the Auto Shows’ Ride and Drive Experience.



“We have two ride and drive programs,” DeAngelo explains. “One for Toyota, and one for Fiat Chrysler. Guests can register out in the front, pick any car they want, and go tooling around in the city for a while. Try it out, see how you like it and bring it back.”

Pulling social media into the equation, the show takes advantage of the technology that everyone has in the palm of their hand to celebrate its 100th year. Take a picture of yourself anywhere on the show floor and post it to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a chance to win a four pack of Mud Hens tickets.

Not a car fanatic? Don’t worry. The Auto Show will still take you for a ride.

“We have animals from the Toledo Zoo coming. Muddy and Muddonna that are going to be here this weekend,” says DeAngelo. “We really have something for everyone down at the show this year.”

The cars on display throughout the show conjure a sense of nostalgia. Be it from the cars of yesterday, or the advancements that have improved upon their design, The Toledo Auto Show will give you a short glimpse of what we can expect down the road.



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