The lake’s satisfying (and scientific) fun

. July 25, 2012.

Great Lake protector

Lake Erie is our awesome outdoor playground. We sail, kayak, canoe and jet ski upon its waves. We feast our eyes on its gleaming blueness and its diverse plant and life supporting ecosystem. We swim in its depths and walk along its shore lines. We also fish, eat and drink from its bounty. The University of Toledo Lake Erie Center (Maumee Bay State Park’s northwest side) serves as a vital sentinel safeguarding the health and welfare of our irreplaceable “socially, economically, and environmentally significant resource.” The work done here enables us to continue to enjoy the incredible Great Lake Erie. Professors and students conduct long-term studies on the lake’s emergent and persistent issues, which impact the quality of our lives including: algae blooms, e-coli levels, invasive species, aquatic wildlife’s health and water quality.

By attending free tours at LEC (Wednesdays at 10am) visitors experience a fascinating look into the life of our amazing lake while gaining a better understanding of its problems. Rachel Lohner, Education Program Manager, leads you through well- equipped teaching labs displaying diagrams and jars filled with interesting specimens, while summarizing  research projects and explaining how the ingenious state-of-the-art equipment is used. The wet lab’s large water tanks (my favorite) provide a cool up-close view of our
local fish.

The facility offers additional activities: a summer science program for 5th- 6th graders, an annual photo contest, and a lecture series.  LEC is located at 6200 Bayshore Rd. Oregon, OH 419-530-8360. 

Stop by Maumee Bay State Park to enjoy some Lake Erie beach time, walking trials and the nature center.

1400 State Park Rd., Oregon. 419-836-7758.