Spring Wedding Guide

. April 5, 2017.



Chelsea Fisher


Age: 24
Occupation: Sales Associate at Hafner Florist and Unit Secretary at Flower Hospital
Three words to describe your partner: Dedicated, loving and caring.

What was your first impression of your partner?

This guy likes to have fun. 

Did you imagine your wedding day as a little girl?
Was it like that? Our wedding day was exactly how I imagined it would be: fun, exciting and a great time. 

Tell us about your dress?
It was the most perfect dress, I cried when I knew it was the one. Eric happened to call at that exact moment.

Eric “Bubba” Fisher


Age: 24
Occupation: Foreman of a welding shop
Three words to describe your partner: Loving, forgiving, fun.

What was your first impression of your partner?
That she needed to be in my life, because I knew we would be perfect together.

What was it like seeing her walk down the aisle?

It was everything I had ever dreamed of and more. Seeing her beauty that day, it was heart-wrenching to think I got that lucky. 


Rehearsal dinner
Hilton Garden Inn

Wedding venue
The Stables (on Obee Rd.)

Shorty’s BBQ

Hafner Florist/myself


Cake: Jeanette Rohr Sweets: Kelly Parks from Kelly’s Sweet Dream

Hafner Florist


Amanda Rahe Photography and Larry Schuerman (family)

Decorative Sound



Everyone loves a honeymoon, but weddings can be pricey, leaving vacation beyond budget. Looking to get away without starting off your new life in debt? Airbnb is a cozy option to enjoy quiet time and a new location for a fraction of the price of hotels. Check out Airbnb.com for global and national options that range from an intimate room to an entire house.


The Guesthouse Westside is located in downtown Perrysburg, only a few blocks away from the Maumee River, shopping, restaurants— like Swig— and coffee. $135 for one night, with each night after $40. For inquiries, visit Airbnb.com

Can’t find time to leave? Toledo has plenty of Airbnb options offering a nice getaway— perhaps the secluded solution for your wedding night? In Perrysburg, a lush, cozy guest house promises the privacy you might not find in the hotel block you reserved for your friends and family.



If you want to modify some heirloom jewelry for your wedding, you should view it as a priceless work of art. Make sure the  jeweler gets to know your sense of style and fashion preferences to create a piece that is perfect for you. Here are some other things to consider:

1. Build a relationship… you  need to feel comfortable with the people you are entrusting with your family jewels. At the very least, this means listening from start to finish. Never feel pressured into making a decision or spending more than you are comfortable with. 

2. Look at a wide selection of stones, compare different metal types and setting styles… listen to the suggestions given, but don’t lose track of your ultimate goal.

3. Make sure you can visualize where you’re going with the project. Your jeweler should be willing to sketch out a design, perhaps show you a CAD drawing and a 3-D model if needed.

4. Don’t be afraid to say “no.” This ring is going to be one of those intimate items you own for life. If their ideas don’t work for you, say so.



Photo Credit: Swatch Studios

A thirteen-month engagement can certainly feel short for a bride. But what if you’re a lovestruck boy who met the girl of your dreams in middle school?

You already know that true love can wait.

Awkward 8th-grader-turned-senior-year-stud meets timeless beauty. Have we heard this one before? Maybe, but not like this.

Katheryn Miller


Photo Credit: Swatch Studios

Age: 22
Occupation: Registered Nurse

Three words to describe your partner: Selfless, romantic and my best friend.

What was your first impression of your partner?
To be honest, when we first met, it was when we were in 8th grade. He had really long hair and always tried to get my attention. I thought he was weird. Fast forward to our senior year of high school, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him.

Did you imagine your wedding day as a little girl?
I dreamed about my wedding day ever since I could remember. I thought about every detail. The flowers, the dress and especially walking down the aisle.

Tell me about your dress:
My dress was more beautiful than I ever could of imagined! It had floral lace that I am still completely obsessed with. It was very elegant and romantic. I still look at it all the time!

Jake Miller


Photo Credit: Swatch Studios

Age: 22
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Three words to describe your partner: Intentional, beautiful and hilarious.

What was your first impression of your partner?
She was, and is, super hot.

What was it like seeing her walk down the aisle?
It was very emotional. I did tear up a little, and I was extremely excited and happy.


Photo Credit: Swatch Studios

The Dress
Katheryn asked La Boutique Nostalgie to help her achieve the bohemian feel she was dreaming of— she says, ”They nailed it!” We agree. She’s truly a vision with the breathtaking floral crown and the uniquely beautiful bouquet provided by the downtown Toledo boutique.

The Flowers
Her floral crown looks fantastic, with a stunning, elegant flowy dress from Belle Amour Bridal, giving Katheryne a timeless, vintage look.


Photo Credit: Swatch Studios

The Cake
A sparkling cake topper was the perfect accent to the elegant cake from Eston’s Bakery. The couple chose classic vanilla, the groom’s favorite, and lemon berry, pleasing the bride.


Photo Credit: Swatch Studios

The Venue
The couple held their ceremony at Monclova’s First Congregational Church, a gorgeous, historical church with a lot of character that was well-suited for their classic sensibilities.


Photo Credit: Swatch Studios

Traditions can be hard. The couple chose not to do a first look, but snuck into a quiet room and stood on opposite sides of a doorway to hold hands. A moment of giggles were shared, and they fought the tender temptation to break tradition and peek at their partner. Jake said a sweet prayer before he was shooed away to prepare for the ceremony.


Photo Credit: Swatch Studios


Thoughts from Brigitta Burks,
Owner of La Boutique Nostalgie

“La Boutique Nostalgie had the privilege of serving as Katheryn and Jake’s wedding designer and florist. One of the perks of being a duel designer/florist is we really get to know our clients since we work work with them on the whole concept of decor, not just the flowers (although those are a HUGE part of the decor/design). Katheryn and Jake were so lovely and it was plain to see how much they cared for each other throughout the whole process. Katheryn was one of the rare brides we have that hates roses, but loves daisies so we wove the happy little flowers throughout her day along with lots of pastel flowers. The couple also wanted lots of rustic-boho details like the bride’s whimsical flower crown, our birchwood arbor for the ceremony and our wagon by the fireplace that the groom in particular liked. La Boutique specializes in romantic, elegant but natural styles so their wedding was right up our alley.


Photo Credit: Swatch Studios

This wedding also shows the importance of having a great vendor team in place. Instead of letting rain deter them, the photographers Swatch Studios rolled with it and used the weather for some dreamy portraits. (During the planning process, Katheryn was not afraid of rain at all— in fact, she said she liked rain at one point and wouldn’t be bothered by it.) I loved working with this sweet and optimistic couple!”


Thoughts from Diana Clayton
Photographer, Swatch Studios)

“We are a husband and wife team who have been shooting weddings together in the Toledo area for about five years now. We were both born and raised here and although we love to get out and travel, we are happy to call this place our home. When it comes to photographing weddings, Northwest Ohio has so much to offer. Whether we are capturing images along the lake or the river, at Oak Openings, or the streets and old buildings of downtown.


Photo Credit: Swatch Studios

We could tell how kind and loving they were as we got to know them at their engagement session and leading up to the big day, but it became even more apparent when we saw how they were around their friends and family. They have a way about them. A patient, calm and caring way. In addition to that, they are fun. They have the perfect amount of goofiness that will bring a laugh into any situation. It is clear that their lives will be filled with fun and silliness.


Photo Credit: Swatch Studios

In addition to them, our couples are always so amazing. Many of our couples are Toledoans: some born and raised, some are coming home for their wedding, and some are new to the area. We love helping couples incorporate locations that have special meaning to them just as much as we love exploring with them to find those hidden gems that provide us with unique shots. Our couples genuinely become our friends and we love telling their story through photo and video.”