Ride— don’t walk— to Toledo bars with the Glass City Pub Cycle

. November 11, 2016.

Ever since Toledo City Council approved the first Outdoor Refreshment Area (ORA) in UpTown 2015, and the second ORA in downtown this year, Toledo’s nightlife has been better than ever.

No longer are we burdened by sadistic lawmakers. Those party poopers— who once sat in their cushy, warm, high-level offices and laughed at us as we made the laborious multiple block hike from one bar to another sans beverage (so thirsty)— are no longer maliciously sipping Scotch solo.

I think they’re actually joining us. Who doesn’t want to drink in the street? Head downtown any weekend evening and you’ll know what we mean. Toledoans are laughing. Toledoans are having fun. Toledoans are walking on the sidewalk, sipping their drinks and heading from one business to another. It’s alive. Cheers.

Ride into Toledo’s future with the business that’s been steering our city’s nightlife since the beginning.

Maxwell and Stephanie Austin, owners of Glass City Pedicabs have opened their next venture, Glass City Pub Cycle.

See the Detroit-made pub cycle during the soft opening at 3pm on Friday, November 11 in front of Wesley’s Bar.

Try out a quick ride for $5.

Turning the wheels

The independently-owned pub cycle has teamed up with local bars to line up a truly unique Toledo experience. They’ve tapped into a network of independent bars, including The Attic, Manhattan’s Pub ‘N Cheer, Wesley’s Bar, Ye Olde Cock n Bull, Downtown Johnny’s, The Paula Brown Pub, The Blarney and more. At each stop, Glass City Pub Cycle has a pre-set menu of suggested beers, shots and cocktails to order, which will help streamline the process.

“We are a local company that is invested in making sure that Toledo and downtown succeeds,” says Maxwell Austin. “We are an established bike business. We have been pedicabbing for seven years in Toledo. All of our seats have backs on them, we offer bike helmets, have up-to-date safety features, and a fully lit up, lighted bike. All of our seats are adjustable for anybody, any height. We also have [non-pedaling spaces] on the bike for the disabled or elderly.”

Like their Pedicabs, the Pub Cycle will pull from the company’s local roots, relationships independent businesses and knowledge of the city.

“We know the history of downtown Toledo and UpTown. We love it here. We will offer history tours, art tours, and mural tours,” explains Stephanie Austin, adding that Glass City Pedicabs currently works with Art Corner Toledo to offer mural tours in downtown Toledo. Also in the works are plans with The Arts Commission, special comedy tours featuring comedian bartenders, Guest’s Chef wine and food pairing tours, Haunted Toledo tours, and more.

Give it a ride

During the soft opening, attendees can ride the pub cycle, learn more about the business and experience their weekday happy hour, which gives curious riders a chance to try without making a reservation.

“Glass City Pub Cycle will feature a happy hour on weekdays where bar patrons can hop aboard for a small fee and pedal to one bar and back without getting caught up in a two hour tour,” explains Stephanie Austin. “We’re are going to skip around to every bar on our list and we will do a happy hour in front of their bar where everyone can do try the bike.”

See the Glass City Pub Cycle during the soft opening on
3pm on Friday, November 11 at Wesley’s Bar.

1201 Adams St. | 419-255-3333

Glass City Pub Cycle offers two hour rides.
The cycle seats 16, has spots for 12 people to pedal,
with a minimum of six people needed.

For booking:
 $250: two hour weekday tour.
$300: two hour weekend tour.
 419-309-3780 | glasscitypubcycle@gmail.com