August 15 Masthead: Who Are You Celebrating During Toledo Pride?

. August 14, 2018.

Publisher/Editor in Chief Collette Jacobs: My cousin, Mike, who died of AIDS in the early 80’s.

Co-publisher/Chief Financial Officer Mark I. Jacobs: Progressive acceptance.


Assignment Editor Athena Cocoves: Poet Audre Lorde.

Editorial Assistant Courtney Probert: Sylvia Rivera.

Calendar Editor Sarah Emily: The organizers and volunteers. Thank you for your hard work.

Digital Media Manager Deanna Woods: My cousin, Tony Rum. Much love.

Interns: Ryleigh Wann, Jayce Rubel, Lauryn Haas, and Luke Sasscer.

Contributing Writers: Erin Holden, Jeff McGinnis, Jason Webber, Alan Scully, Johnny Hildo, Christine Senack, and Rob Brezsny.


Production Manager Imani Lateef: Toledo photographer Tom Brooks.

Senior Designer Leah Foley: Tequila Mockingbird!


Anita Tipton: Harvey Milk.

Kelli Miller: My bff Adam & my other LGBT Friends & Family.

Norwin Lopez: All the LGBT artists, teachers and inspirational people I’ve met throughout.


Sales Coordinator Jenny Leach: Eleanor Roosevelt.

Sales Assistant Eddie Knight: Rock Hudson and/or the Brady Bunch Dad.

Account Executives

Amy Ressler Rough: Anyone out and proud.

Bonnie Hunter: Tennis champion Martina Navratilova.

Kathleen Dewar: Elton John.

Suzanne Bell: George Thompson, Lexi Staples & Barb Best.

Brittany Stahl: My nephew’s birthday.

Katie Emans: My college roommate and her wife.


Accounting Robin Armstrong: Ellen DeGeneres.

Distributor Tracy D. Kimble: Bayard Rustin.