June 20 Masthead: What Makes a True Toledo Summer?

. June 20, 2018.

Below is a list of our staff, members of “the media,” a group that our President has deemed to be “among the most dishonest people on earth.”

What makes a true Toledo summer?

Publisher/Editor in Chief Collette Jacobs: A boat ride on Lake Erie.

Co-publisher/Chief Financial Officer Mark I. Jacobs: Heading to all the street festivals.


Assignment Editor Athena Cocoves: Spending twice as long as I had thought on The Attic’s patio.

Editorial Assistant Courtney Probert: Walking to Fritzie Freeze and enjoying an ice cream cone by the water.

Calendar Editor Sarah Emily: Festival 100%.

Web Guru Deanna Woods: Having to fix (or replace) my bicycle rims (every year).

Interns: Ryleigh Wann, Jayce Rubel, Lauryn Haas, and Luke Sasscer.

Contributing Writers: Erin Holden, Jon Ruggiero, Jeff McGinnis, Emily Modrowski, Sarah Emily, Johnny Hildo, Christine Senack and Rob Brezsny.


Production Manager Imani Lateef: TMA Block Party.

Senior Designer Leah Foley: Mud Hens baseball.

Designer Anita Tipton: Catching a cool patio breeze.

Designer Kelli Miller: Patios, Pedicabs, partying in the Point.

Designer Norwin Lopez: A trip to Put-in-Bay.


Sales Coordinator Jenny Leach: Riding out along the water and enjoying a cold one on the patio at a local watering hole.

Sales Assistant Eddie Knight: Sitting quietly at Side Cut Park, staring at the muddy Maumee.

Account Executives

Amy Ressler Rough: Annual Algae Bloom.

Bonnie Hunter: Hops and scotch.

Kathleen Dewar: Bike rides, beer and Mr. Freeze!

Suzanne Bell: Trips to the beach.

Brittany Stahl: Cedar Point.

Classifieds Coordinator Catherine Bohr: Ice cream at Mr. Freeze.


Accountant Robin Armstrong: Eating on a patio enjoying the Toledo skyline.

Distributor Tracy D. Kimble: Family and friends.