Handmade Toledo’s 10th Maker’s Mart offers new vendors and old favorites

. May 3, 2017.
(Clockwise, starting in the top left corner) streetspun, Boonie Patch Co., Pretty Bookish, 365 Days in Toledo, MFINITY,  Kati Kleimola and Boochy Mama's.
(Clockwise, starting in the top left corner) streetspun, Boonie Patch Co., Pretty Bookish, 365 Days in Toledo, MFINITY, Kati Kleimola and Boochy Mama's.

In April 2012, Jessica “Oh Sew Betty” Crossfield first brought more than 80 local and regional makers together for Handmade Toledo’s Maker’s Mart, the city’s first juried indie craft fair.

Since then, Crossfield’s dream of a one-day event has transformed into Handmade Toledo Maker’s Shoppe, a brick and mortar offering a year-round, small-scale experience,  with more makers inspired and more buyers interested in handmade.

Meet some of the new vendors and veteran makers before shoppers head to uptown on on Saturday, May 13 for Handmade Toledo’s 10th Maker’s Mart.



Returning to Maker’s Mart for their third year, the anonymous streetspun— responsible for citywide yarnbombing— will sell woven wall hangings in different sizes and burlap canvases with embroidered and woven designs.

What inspired you to start making?
I wanted to try a new form of fiber art after a large crochet project. I learned how to weave by watching YouTube videos and reading blogs and began the streetspun project two and a half years ago.

Describe your first visit to Maker’s Mart.
In 2012. You can’t help but feel inspired. There are so many amazing artists and makers, you wish you could buy something from every single booth.

Handmade is better because…
The items are made with so much love! You are supporting your local makers, artists and neighbors. That’s important. And from the maker’s side of things, I get super excited every time I sell an item. It’s the best.

Online, check out: etsy.com/shop/streetspun,
@streetspun on Instagram


L-R: Mercé, Monika, & Marisa Culp

L-R: Mercé, Monika, & Marisa Culp

Mercé, Monika, & Marisa Culp will sell wearable art canvases, earrings, handbags, scarves, bow ties, and more, for their fourth time.

What inspired you to start making?
We love fashion and began over ten years ago. We like to make original textiles from our artwork that feature 700+ patterns and designs in limited collections, not yet produced and consumed in the mass market.


Describe your first visit to Maker’s Mart.
We first attended Maker’s Mart in December 2014 and felt a mass amount of support and interest in handmade goods. We had no idea how much Toledo could pack in one small space with wall to wall shoppers and amazing food vendors.

Handmade is better because….
You can support local artists and up and coming brands and support the idea that arts and crafts are still important in society. The skilled individual behind the brand empowers our community to use their own creativity to make a living.

See more at mfinityfashion.com

Boonie Patch Co., LLC


Natalie Deeb and Greg Patrisso will return to Maker’s Mart for the second time to sell Iron-on patches, enamel pins, caps and prints featuring their fun, clever designs

What inspired you to start making?
We were tired of just going through the motions in college, so we decided to get a hands-on experience that was both creative and challenging. Boonie started out as a creative outlet in March of 2016 and has turned into a profitable business!

Describe your first visit to Maker’s Mart.
In high school, Greg went to the spring show. It really opened his eyes to what was a subculture of makers, artists and crafters that took so much pride in what they did

Handmade is better because…
It is definitely the coolest group of makers that gather together in one place, and it’s clear with the support that they receive.

Check them out online at booniepatchco.com. Locally, buy
their products at Handmade Toledo’s
Markers Shoppe
and Claro Coffee Bar.

Boochy Mama’s


Stacy Jurich— kombucha and wellness tonic maker extraordinaire— will appear at Maker’s Mart for the first time.

What will you sell at Maker’s Mart?
Kombucha, Wildfire Tonic (a spicy apple cider vinegar), herbal and mushroom tinctures, cold-pressed juice from ALL Juice, herbal smoking blend, apparel and more!

What inspired you to start making?
I am fascinated by the active and living process of fermentation and am mesmerized by botanicals. I began making them seven years ago.

Handmade is better because….
You can taste and feel the difference.

Check her out online at boochymama.com, or visit the
Downtown Toledo (10th and Jefferson) home.

Kati Kleimola


The painter will show off her floral paintings on birch panels during her second time as a vendor.  

What inspired you to start making?
I’ve been painting for as long as I can remember, but I started painting flowers about five years ago. My husband and I bought a house and the yard was filled with floral inspiration and I wanted to create art that I would hang in my own home. To me, a home should be filled with beautiful things that make you happy.

What will you sell at Maker’s Mart?
Small, floral paintings and a few larger pieces [as well]. I typically paint on large panels, so it’s fun to change things up for Maker’s Mart.

Describe your first visit to Maker’s Mart.  
I first attended a year ago and was completely blown away. I could have bought something from every vendor. Last fall was my first time selling at Maker’s Mart, and I had such an amazing time! My face actually hurt by the end of the day from smiling and chatting with so many awesome people.

Handmade is better because….
There is a person behind the product. Not only are you getting a one-of-a-kind product, but you are also helping to support a dream. You are helping a family put food on the table.

Check out her work at katikleimola.com, or at
the River Centre Gallery in Sylvania.

365 Days in Toledo


Elizabeth Lane will return for the second time, selling photographs from her art project celebrating Toledo.

What inspired you to start making?
365 Days in Toledo is a project I started a year and a half ago. My rules were simple: one picture every day, Toledo proper. I was born and raised in Toledo, so I wanted to learn more about my city, get outside my comfort zone  and meet new people.

Describe your first visit to Maker’s Mart.
I first went in 2015 and it made me so happy to be a Toledoan

Handmade is better because…
It helps to build the art community right here in Toledo.

See more on Instagram @365.days.in.toledo or at etsy.com/shop/365daysintoledo.  

Pretty Bookish


Returning to Maker’s Mart for her fourth time as a vendor, Kristina Molnar will sell handmade jewelry and decor for bibliophiles, made from discarded and damaged books.

What inspired you to start making?
Pretty Bookish started in 2015 with a box of old books that my grandmother gave me. I didn’t like the idea of throwing out these books that couldn’t even be donated, so I started brainstorming and playing with ideas to reuse them. I love being able to save pieces of these books for others to carry with them and continue to love.

What will you sell at Maker’s Mart?
I’ll have a large variety of literary inspired jewelry, keychains, bottle stoppers, cufflinks, mini book page terrarium necklaces, vintage dictionary illustration necklaces and preserved book page flower terrariums.

Describe your first visit to Maker’s Mart.  
I attended one of the very first Maker’s Marts. I left feeling inspired and so impressed by the talent in all the vendors. Years later, as a vendor myself, I feel really grateful to be a part of such a great event.

Handmade is better because…
You can find really unique, high quality, creative pieces while at the same time supporting your community and local artists.  I know what my small business means to me and my family, so I’ll always try to pay it forward and support other handmade businesses.

Find her at prettybookish.etsy.com or
on Instagram @pretty_bookish.

Handmade Toledo Maker’s Mart: Spring Edition
$1 admission.
Saturday, May 13. 10am-9pm.
1717 Adams St., 419-214-1717. handmadetoledo.com