Ghost Hunting at the Toledo Yacht Club

. August 1, 2017.

The Toledo Yacht Club is home to an impressive and intricate-looking mansion — if there are ghosts to be found, you can believe that they’re haunting a swank, lakeside pad like that. And now you can find them when the TYC opens its grounds up for its nighttime Public Ghost Hunt.

Special guest speaker/investigator Tim Woolworth, an expert in ghost hunting will be on hand to teach successful paranormal tracking. Bring your own flashlight and wear closed-toed shoes, as there will be numerous low ceiling and objects to trip over in the dark. A light meal will be provided around midnight. Must be 18 and bring a valid ID with you.

8pm-3am. Saturday, August 12. $45.
Toledo Yacht Club, 3900 N. Summit St. #2,
419-726- 3485.

  • CVT6702

    It’s approaching Halloween again and the ghost seekers will be out in full force. I have been searching for an exorcist for 31 years now to help me remove four vicious spirits from my body and so far no one will believe me or help. I have been rejected by priests and insulted by priests and all sorts of people who love halloween ghosts but refuse to believe me or help me with my spirit possession. What most people don’t believe is not only ghosts real but the spirits of the dead just average dead people can haunt the homes and even take over the bodies of people they don’t like here on earth and when this happens no one will believe or help.