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Toledo playwright’s comedy explores divisive culture

The two couples could not be more dissimilar. One is conservative, the other liberal. They come from completely different social classes. One couple loves the University of Michigan, while the other two are die-hard OSU supporters. A quirk of science throws these two pairs together and forces them to deal with one another in Human

Strange Love: Toledo Opera’s season debut, Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers

Two friends fall irrevocably in love with the same woman, but there’s a twist: the young men vow to forsake the beautiful maiden to preserve their friendship. It’s not until years later, through an accidental encounter, that the priestess reenters their lives and almost destroys their bond. Georges Bizet’s opera The Pearl Fishers follows the

Coming Home Again

In 2001— before 9/11, Afghanistan and the second Iraq War— the Village Players Theatre presented PVT. WARS, a show revolving around three Vietnam veterans recovering and bonding in an Army hospital. “Each one of them is definitely fighting their own battles,” said Jake Gordy, former Village Players president, who played Woodruff in the 2001 production.

Catch a Killer for a Good Cause

A murder is staged amid partygoers — guests dressed to attend a costume ball, each gathering clues and weeding out suspects. Questions hung in the air — who was responsible for all this and would we catch the killer in time? On September 23, the first Masquerade Murder Mystery Dinner in support of local charity