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Toledo’s Most Eligible Needed for Single in the Glass City

Unlucky in love? Have you scoured the dating sites seeking out Mr. or Mrs. Right? Are you worried that you’ll die old and alone with a bunch of cats who you pretend are your children? Don’t be that person— sign up for TCP’s Single in the Glass City! We don’t care how old or young

Michelle “Vod” Atkinson: Pedal Pusher

Riding a bike doesn’t mean ending up face-first on a mound of grass covered in sweat. Take ‘er easy and learn from yarn and bike enthusiast, Michelle “Vod” Atikinson. Not only can you find her at most community rides, you also can’t miss her— she’ll be dressed in colorful, vintage clothing, Vod’s outfits are often

Free Comic Book Day: Your Guide to Getting into Comics

The success of many popular comic-based movies has created a renaissance for the genre. There is, simply, no better time to be a comic book nerd. Comics can be a tricky thing to pick up, due to an almost overwhelming amount of titles. Local shops will provide new readers with a perfect jump start on

Water Watch: Something is still fishy

Members of Advocates for a Clean Lake Erie (ACLE) were on hand to protest and hand out leaflets during John Kasich’s recent State of the State speech in Sandusky. “We’re not going to let him get away with using Lake Erie as a photo op, while he lets factory farms use it as a toilet,”

Lourdes University offers scholarships for new co-ed eSports program

Good news, moms and dads: video games might have been the best use of your kids’ time, after all. While you were hassling them about wasting their lives, they were actually building up a diverse portfolio of skills that could land them a scholarship from a prestigious private college. Lourdes University, an independent Franciscan institution