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Water Watch: Something is still fishy

Members of Advocates for a Clean Lake Erie (ACLE) were on hand to protest and hand out leaflets during John Kasich’s recent State of the State speech in Sandusky. “We’re not going to let him get away with using Lake Erie as a photo op, while he lets factory farms use it as a toilet,”

Lourdes University offers scholarships for new co-ed eSports program

Good news, moms and dads: video games might have been the best use of your kids’ time, after all. While you were hassling them about wasting their lives, they were actually building up a diverse portfolio of skills that could land them a scholarship from a prestigious private college. Lourdes University, an independent Franciscan institution

Blooms and butterflies exhibit at Columbus’ Franklin Park Conservatory

The Bs are on full display down in Columbus’ Franklin Park Conservatory with the kickoff of the annual Blooms and Butterflies exhibit. Wander among exotic plants from all over the world as hundreds of beautiful butterflies flutter freely. Don’t be surprised if you become a landing pad! These species of butterflies come from China, Costa

Anchored: Toledo’s Bridal Show Alternative at The Blarney

Need help planning the perfect wedding? Anchored: Toledo’s Bridal Show Alternative will present a chance to talk to wedding vendors. There will be an opportunity to taste food and cocktails that could be served at your wedding. Even if you haven’t met the groom yet, it never hurts to start generating ideas and contacts. Anchored

Wondering about The Westwood

Currently closed, the last comment on the Westwood Art Theatre & Video’s inactive Facebook page from was three years ago; a bold Toledoan asks “just wondering why are the glory holes taped over now…?”