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The far-ranging effects of the race for Toledo mayor

Is it her or him? A or B? None of the above? The race to be Mayor of Toledo is down to two, incumbent Paula HH and challenger Wade Kapszukiewicz. But it’s about much more than just who will sit on the 22nd Floor. It will determine leadership across the County and the future of

Lies and the lying liars who tell them

Surely he knows better. But his unbridled personal ambition gets the better of him. Integrity? Scrupulous adherence to the truth? Nah, it’s a race to the 22nd Floor, kiddeez, and apparently nothing is too sacred to distort in the quest for the prize. So Wade Kapszukiewicz, once known as a bright, competent pol, has slunk

Educate, Collaborate And Raise Awareness: The 14th Annual UT Human Trafficking Conference

Professionals and practitioners with varied backgrounds unite to problem solve, to advocate and to combat human trafficking at the oldest academic human trafficking conference in the U.S., continues to expand since its creation in 2004.   Judges, lawyers, social workers, healthcare workers, professors, and students will gather Thursday and Friday, September 21 and 22 at

Hype and hooey in City Politics

It must be election season. The bull hockey is stacked thick and startin’ to stink. The official Election Day is rapidly approaching. But with early voting already underway, suffice it to say the wannabes and the never-will-bes are out in force, piling it higher and deeper in an attempt to sway your vote. As we

Georgie Porgie ran away

In retrospect, it had to happen this way. The end would not come with any sound and fury. There would be no splash, no bang. Instead, it had to some with a meek and soft “farewell.” Thus endeth the story of Georgie Porgie the Finance Director and his eight point two million blunder. Just like

We Don’t Like Flowers As Much As Tom Waniewski

Earlier this week, The Blade published an article with one of the worst quotes we’ve ever heard from a local politician: “If a woman has her flowerpot stolen that is as much of a crime as someone shot in the central city.” That was Tom Waniewski, a Republican Toledo District 5 councilman currently running for Mayor of