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Turmoil in the T-Town political parties

All is not joy in Mudville. Both the local Democrats and Republicans are in the throes of crisis in leadership. GOP Chair Jon Stainbrook and Dem Chair Joshua Hughes are each under fire from their respective parties, with powerful factions plotting their overthrow. Yet the challenges each face couldn’t be more different. One way in

A piece of the rock: Marina district trivia

Could it finally be happening? Could the expansive grassy knoll in East Toledo actually become a Marina District, and the Road to Nowhere finally lead to somewhere? The recent announcement that there is finally a funded plan to convert the wasteland into a residential and commercial development sure seems promising. But we’ve been here before,

The race for Toledo mayor just got interesting

It was predictable. It was inevitable. But now that it has happened, it changes everything. That might seem like unwarranted hyperbole, and perhaps it will be just that. But mark down April 12th just past and remember the announcement that day which changed the race for the 22nd Floor once and for all. Yessiree, kidz,

Policing the Police: Get to know your Civilian Police Review Board

A common policy goal for civil liberties advocates and Black Lives Matter organizers, a Civilian’s Police Review Board acts as an independent agency for reviewing allegations of police abuse.   Toledo City Council first established such a board in 1991— but like many volunteer city boards, its tenure over the years has been dotted with

Bored of Elections Turmoil

And then there were two. We have previously written about the incumbent at-large reps on Toledo City Council, and how three of them face uphill battles for re-election. You can now rewrite that last clause. Two of them face uphill battles for re-election. Because one of the three likely won’t be on the ballot, she’ll

Handicapping the race for Toledo City Council

It’s that time of year. March Madness is upon us. We’re not talking about the traditional use of that term. Sure, the NCAA basketball tourney is in full gear, known for its frenetic pace, frenzied fan bases, and quick resolution. The madness in City Politics is less a sprint to the finish and more a