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96.5 FM Gives Hispanic Community Something To Talk About

When Linda Parra moved to Toledo in 2000 and didn’t find a single Spanish station on the local radio, her mission to start one of her own was decided. “I thought, ‘Something has to happen here,’” Parra said. After launching a radio show in 2005 at the University of Toledo, she also founded Nuestra Gente

Press Club of Toledo Hosts Discussion On Approaching The Media Effectively

When should you send a press release? How long should it be? What should you include? Approaching the media can be difficult. Learn what it takes to get your story covered by the news during the Press Club of Toledo’s next Pressing Issues Discussion, “Approaching The Media Effectively: A Discussion for Nonprofits, Organizations, Artists, and Entrepreneurs.”

Democracy Day meeting on March 5

Toledo voters established Democracy Day on March 5, 2016, which functions as an annual, mandatory hearing between the public, the mayor, and city council members concerning the influence of money on local politics and the impact of political contributions from corporations, unions, PACS and Super-PACS. Following Democracy Day, the mayor is required by law to send a letter to our congressional representatives urging them to support a constitutional amendment that says corporations are not people.