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Keeping our teachers in Toledo

As Toledo loses young professionals to other cities, a new initiative has sprung up in the form of a collaboration between the University of Toledo and Toledo Public Schools. Teach Toledo is an initiative that seeks to both educate teachers and keep them local while providing students with a diverse population of educators. The first

Toledo GROWs Honey Harvest event

Beekeeping ain’t for the faint of heart, but the same swarms that strike fear into the heart of us commoners strike literal gold for others. See the gold-hued magic that is local honey during Toledo GROWs Honey Harvest. Watch the honey extraction process, from hive to jar, and take home some of your own during

Toledo’s Lead Law: Questions over fairness and cost of compliance

Despite the pushback and a slow start with compliance,  the city’s lead ordinance won’t be evicted from the Toledo’s Municipal Code any time soon. Passed by Toledo City Council last August, the ordinance— which requires lead-safe certificates for buildings built before 1978 with one to four rental units— has drawn the ire of some landlords

Zepf Center introduces new Ambulatory Detox Unit

Despite efforts to reduce our opiate problem, Ohio continues to lead the nation in overdose deaths. To help people get off heroin— and then stay off heroin— detox services are needed. To expand access, the Zepf Center introduced an Ambulatory Detox Unit in July, to provide care and treatment in the form of a six-day

Ghost Hunting at the Toledo Yacht Club

The Toledo Yacht Club is home to an impressive and intricate-looking mansion — if there are ghosts to be found, you can believe that they’re haunting a swank, lakeside pad like that. And now you can find them when the TYC opens its grounds up for its nighttime Public Ghost Hunt. Special guest speaker/investigator Tim