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Unholy History

Delve into Toledo’s history with a drive-it-yourself, 20-location tour created by local historian and blogger Tedd Long.

Women Rule

Professor of Egyptology Dr. Kara Cooney discusses ancient queens in the National Geographic Live presentation “When Women Ruled the World.” This second event in the three-part Nat Geo Live speaker series is an exploration of the strong influence of various queens, despite history books largely ignoring their accomplishments. $5-$25. 7-9pm. Thursday, May 30. The Toledo

Eight Was Great

The ghost of ninety-three There are lots of anomalies in City Politics. Relics of by-gone days, anachronisms that once may have had a purpose but make no sense in the modern world. Like the County Recorder, a position which made sense when there were two or three literate folks in the Swamp, and only one

Cedar Point Opens May 11th

May 11th is Cedar Points’ opening day, a must-visit park for roller coaster enthusiasts. With 18 coasters ranging in scariness, from the Woodstock Express (for kids) to the mild excitement of the Iron Dragon to the most terrifying 205-foot-high Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point has coaster fun for the whole family. Daily admission tickets start at