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Cannibal Corpse Plays at Civic Music Hall

Since 1988, Cannibal Corpse has delivered their own style of death metal, with songs dripping with terror, torture with themes revolving around serial killers and, you guessed it, cannibalism. See them in Toledo at Civic Music Hall, followed by death metal band Hate Eternal, named one of the top eight bands of the last decade

Splice Festival Showcases Dynamic Music

By blending live performance with technology featuring composers and performers, SPLICE Festival II hopes to continue growing strong relationships between the two talents who are dedicated to creating dynamic live music. The three-day festival features various concerts, talks, and workshops pertaining to the development, performance and theory of music. $20 for access to all events

Punk Rock Halloween at Frankie’s

Halloween and punk rock formed a match made’ in hell in the 1985 cult classic, “The Return of the Living Dead.” Teenage punks have a rough night after their Halloween cemetery party gets interrupted by zombies, leading them to eat one another. While Punk Rock Halloween at Frankie’s may bare some resemblance to that fantasy,

Ramona Collins Performs with Toledo Jazz Orchestra

Singer, composer and recording artist Ramona Collins is celebrating her birthday, as always, in style and most fittingly, on stage as Ramona Collins and the Toledo Jazz Orchestra. Collins’ voice is a smooth and smokey delight, her arrangements always compelling and emotional. TJO musicians really compliment her voice and those ballads of the American Songbook.