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Violin vixens: Femmes of Rock at the Hollywood Casino

Part rock concert, part stage performance, the upcoming Femmes of Rock show at the Hollywood Casino is an undoubtedly cool event. A touring production by the Bella Electric Strings out of Los Angeles and Las Vegas, this show features five electric violins, backed by a band, playing foot-stomping rock covers. Music from AC/DC, Led Zeppelin,

Totally ‘80s at the Hollywood Casino

Totally ‘80s, the nation’s preeminent 80’s music cover band is making a stop at Hollywood Casino. For one night only, do the lawnmower, the peppermill, the mashed potato and the running man to your favorite tunes from the Decade of Greed. It’s like going to a concert in a John Hughes movie. Totally ‘80s, out

Peapodpalooza 3: The Mic of Destiny

You know you’ve made it on the radio when you can throw a concert named after you and people show up for three straight years. Q105.5 radio personality Peapod is hosting Peapodpalooza 3: The Mic of Destiny, his annual charity/rock show. Featuring area musicians Tink and the Tanks (winners of City Paper’s BOT for Best

The Electric Lunch at the Seagate Square

Food truck rallies dominate your Thursdays, but what are you to do on a Tuesday at lunchtime? Head down to Seagate Square to check out The Electric Lunch featuring Universal Wavelength. Playing near the water feature at the base of the Fifth/Third Center, the group will perform two hours of original material. A diverse group,

Jazz by the water at the River Raisin Jazz Festival

Celebrate the most American of music styles in all its forms when the River Raisin Jazz Festival (RRJF) sounds off at St. Mary’s Park. The culmination of their town Jazz Series, the RRJF officially kicks off with several performances at bars and clubs around town on Thursday evening. On Friday, celebrate at a Preview Party

Ann Wilson of Heart at Centennial Terrace

The ‘80s were responsible for some of the worst trends in fashion, food and art, but they got the music right. Arguably, the ‘80s were the era when girls rocked the hardest— and the hardest rocking of 80’s girls were sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson of the band Heart. Responsible for such hits as “Barracuda,”