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Suddenly We See, With KT Tunstall

When KT Tunstall’s song “Suddenly I See” hit the public in 2005, her life changed. The popular hit won awards, and hearts, and became featured in TV shows, movies, and even became the Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign song. Sure, that was a while ago, but Tunstall has stayed busy, releasing four albums since. Not only

Sharing a Dream: Children and Youth Music Camp

US Together Toledo has partnered with Trinity Episcopal Church to organize a week-long camp for refugee children and youth, culminating with a program featuring their artwork, song and dance performances, and recitations from Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

The 419’s Ultimate Guide To Outdoor Concerts

Listen on the lawn, 2018. Summer is upon us, the skies are blue and the weather is beautiful. The return of concert season—with all the events this summer, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate. Here’s TCP’s Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Concerts.

Toledo Dreams in Sound: Making Toledo a musician’s paradise

An innovative studio space and collective in Downtown Toledo, invigorates the local music community. Dream Louder Music, founded by Ben Cohen, Sam Woldenberg and Lucas Madrazo, a group described by Cohen as, “Toledo natives who grew up together and played in a gazillion bands of all types.”

Folk Singer Charlie King to Perform at St. Paul’s Church

“I keep my setlists for every concert that I’ve ever done,” Charlie King said in an interview. “And I have a setlist in Toledo that goes back to, let’s see — 1981. So I’ve been playing in Toledo for, god, coming up on 40 years, aren’t we?” Toledo is just one destination in an expansive