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Toledo Dreams in Sound: Making Toledo a musician’s paradise

An innovative studio space and collective in Downtown Toledo, invigorates the local music community. Dream Louder Music, founded by Ben Cohen, Sam Woldenberg and Lucas Madrazo, a group described by Cohen as, “Toledo natives who grew up together and played in a gazillion bands of all types.”

Folk Singer Charlie King to Perform at St. Paul’s Church

“I keep my setlists for every concert that I’ve ever done,” Charlie King said in an interview. “And I have a setlist in Toledo that goes back to, let’s see — 1981. So I’ve been playing in Toledo for, god, coming up on 40 years, aren’t we?” Toledo is just one destination in an expansive

Record Store Day and the Legacy of Pat O’Connor

Every April for the last eleven years, Record Store Day has put the spotlight on independent record stores around the country – giving music fans a once-a-year opportunity to binge on special releases, forgotten b-sides, and free merch (for those who show up early). This year’s event takes place on Saturday, April 21.

James McMurtry: Tales from the van

James McMurtry spends hundreds of hours in a van each year, traveling American’s highways on the way to 100 plus shows with his band. The travel, McMurtry explains, provides the inspiration for his geographic detail-filled songs. The song “South Dakota,” the story of a young military veteran returning to the small town and family farm