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‘Jim Morrison’ At The Maumee Indoor: Barone Breaks On Through

For 13 years, Phil Barone— better known in Toledo as the owner of Rosie’s Italian Grille, Rosie’s Rolling Chef, and the and president of the Toledo Food Truck Association— has wowed and entertained audiences at the Crescent Tavern in Put-in-Bay with his performances emulating the late, great Jim Morrison. Backed by the Maxx Band and performing

Franks Wild Years at the Collingwood

The three-hour show, a play in six variety acts, is a homage to the play and album Franks Wild Years by Waits. It features six musicians playing an assortment of instruments: guitar, bass, banjo, brass and reed sections, not to mention a pump organ from the 1880s, and a grand piano.

Jake & the Venom in the Snake Pit

Toledo is important to Jake Pilewski. “Where The River Flows” features our beloved, muddy Maumee River as the flowing focal center for the amalgamation of barbershop and Americana.

Songs of Love and Hope: Stewart’s new album showcases versatility

When we last talked to Toledo musician Jeff Stewart, he was a “man on the move.” His 2014 release, Can’t Sit Still, was a reflection of the songwriter’s inability to stay put, creatively, temporally or physically.  Last month Stewart, a popular performer on the local music circuit,  released his third solo studio album, The Cold

Never Again: Remembering Kristellnacht

On November 9, 1938, a planned attack on Jewish Germans left countless dead. Roughly 30,000 men were sent to concentration camps, many of them to perish, while German authorities looked the other way. This night became known as Kristellnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, and was a horrible prelude to the atrocities of the Holocaust