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Style Sense: Emerson Johnston’s West Coast Chic

Emerson Johnston Age: 21 Occupation: Marketing Student Emerson Johnston hopes to be a stylist, and with his sense of style and knowledge of fashion, you may just see his name in Vogue one day. He’s kept up to date with all the latest trends and worked at Forever 21 for a few years as a

Style Sense: Daryl Layson’s Hardly Basic Basics

Daryl Layson Age: 22 Occupation: Corporate Marketing/HR I imagine Daryl’s closest to have the same properties as a magician’s hat. While I doubt rabbits and white doves live inside, it’s hard to believe that his seemingly-limitless sartorial options can fit inside a standard-sized wardrobe when he has such a diverse sense of style and large

Pat O’Connor Music and Arts Festival: Carrying the Torch

Marcia O’Connor was enjoying life with her husband, Pat O’Connor, when he unexpectedly passed away on Dec. 27, 2016. The community joined Marcia in mourning her husband, grieving the loss of a small business icon, a beloved record store owner, and for many, a best friend. “I’m like Vincent van Gogh’s wife— when van Gogh

Toledo According to Dj One Tyme

How (Best Of Toledo Winner) DJ One Tyme fills up his Glass (City) Name: DJ One Tyme Age: Celebrated Occupation: Event/Radio DJ Toledoan since: Birth Toledo’s a big town with a lot of friendly faces. Ever wonder what a walk in Ottawa Park, or throughout Downtown, is like for other residents? We’re stepping inside the

Say Yes to Improv at the Toledo Repertoire Theater

“Yes” isn’t just an answer. In improv, “yes” does a whole lot more. When performing, if an actor says “no,” the scene will end because it has nowhere to go. On the flip side, if you say “yes,” the scene continues. This is one of many fundamentals improv comedian Nick Morgan teaches during his Improv