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Say Yes to Improv at the Toledo Repertoire Theater

“Yes” isn’t just an answer. In improv, “yes” does a whole lot more. When performing, if an actor says “no,” the scene will end because it has nowhere to go. On the flip side, if you say “yes,” the scene continues. This is one of many fundamentals improv comedian Nick Morgan teaches during his Improv

Toledo According to Carla Thomas

Carla Thomas Age: 53 Occupation: Specialty Leasing Coordinator, Franklin Park Mall and Photographer at CYT Images Toledoan since: Birth The local artists and musicians I love are Ramona Collins, Fusion and all things live music. If money wasn’t an object I would quit my job in a heartbeat and focus full-time on turning my passion, photography, into my

Toledo According To: Veralucia Mendoza-Reno

Age: 23 Occupation: Bilingual Financial Coach/Housing Specialist at a local non-profit. Toledoan since: 2001 I go to International Park for the best view in Toledo. If money wasn’t an object, I would buy the Collingwood Arts Center and turn it into the absolute hot spot for art. The local artists and musicians I love are:

JC’s Comics N’ More: Your Pop Culture Super-Store

The colorful, beautifully illustrated pages of comic books are a source of joy, comfort and entertainment. Despite ubiquitous new media, comics remain an impactful medium. From superheroes, to the funnies, to artfully-crafted graphic novels, comics have an ability to delight and captivate an audience. From this artform emerges a community which unites people from diverse

Remembering Pat O’Connor: A local guru of sound

I’m not from Toledo originally, and even after seven years, I often still feel like an outsider here. One place where I always felt welcomed was Culture Clash Records. It has always been a refuge for all types in the city, due to the existence of one man, Pat O’Connor. On December 27, 2016, Pat

Remembering Pat O’Connor

The public is invited to pay tribute to the life of Pat O’Connor, owner of Culture Clash Records, and an integral part of the music scene both locally and nationally. The event will take place on Tuesday, January 3 at Rocky’s Bar as well as Culture Clash Records, with music and refreshments starting at Rocky’s