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Sci-Fi author Terry W. Ervin II’s latest is set in Toledo

Terry W. Ervin II has quietly become one of NW Ohio’s most prolific authors. The scribe, who works most prominently in sci-fi and fantasy, grew up fascinated by the concept of worldbuilding, taking part in tabletop-gaming guilds. After studying biology and English at BGSU, he became a teacher— first at Macomber-Whitney High School and, once

Become “Unfireable”: UT Professor Wants You To Be A Workplace Superstar

Successful people aren’t magically bestowed with special properties. Unless they hit that genetic lottery for exceptional beauty, brains or innate athletic ability, they have to work hard at it. Success comes as a byproduct rather than an end result, and it’s seldom “the goal.” For author/speaker/UT professor Clinton O. Longenecker, Ph.D., who is by all

Local fantasy author Chelsea Bobulski celebrates her debut novel

Chelsea Bobulski went to Ohio State, received a degree in history and planned on being a teacher. But her heart has always been in writing, so when she and her husband graduated, the high school sweethearts, who stayed together through college, decided that she should follow her dream. Now, seven years later, her dream has

Personal to political: Activism and feminism in the local literary community

Zines can be an overlooked form of literature and artistic expression, perhaps because they are a mostly underground and non-mainstream platform. However, the Toledo area has a more active zine scene coming out into the foreground. Marissa Medley, a recent graduate of Bowling Green State University (BGSU) where she studied Arts Administration and Creative Writing,

Novelist Sara Dobie Bauer makes vampire angst a laughing matter

Sara Dobie Bauer has a lot going on— not only is she a legitimate author, she’s also a model, an outspoken mental health lecturer/advocate and a fan of all things dark and sinister (and Benedict Cumberbatch). These attributes manifest themselves in her writing, particularly Bite Somebody and the just-released sequel, Bite Somebody Else. The continuing

A.S. Coomer’s The Fetishists is a Hell of a ride

You know you’re in for the literary equivalent of a ghost pepper when a human sex slave auction is the jumping off point in the book you’re reading. In the case of A.S. Coomer’s latest novel, The Fetishists, the happenings only get darker and nastier the further you read and you’ll inevitably find yourself consuming