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A.S. Coomer’s The Fetishists is a Hell of a ride

You know you’re in for the literary equivalent of a ghost pepper when a human sex slave auction is the jumping off point in the book you’re reading. In the case of A.S. Coomer’s latest novel, The Fetishists, the happenings only get darker and nastier the further you read and you’ll inevitably find yourself consuming

UT professor’s classic book brings Iroquois history to life

“In Native American circles, it is traditional for the grandparents to tell the ‘rising generations,’ their grandchildren, tales of the Old Times. When a child is ready to learn, she will come to a trusted Elder, respectfully requesting that Elder to tell her of times past.” –Barbara Alice Mann, PhD, introduction to “Land of the

Free Comic Book Day: Your Guide to Getting into Comics

The success of many popular comic-based movies has created a renaissance for the genre. There is, simply, no better time to be a comic book nerd. Comics can be a tricky thing to pick up, due to an almost overwhelming amount of titles. Local shops will provide new readers with a perfect jump start on

Author Lizbeth Meredith discusses her latest memoir “Pieces of Me”

Hear the true, gritty and detailed events of a parent’s worst nightmare, and the courage one woman had to go through to find her abducted children. Author Lizbeth Meredith discusses her latest memoir, “Pieces of Me,” detailing the kidnapping of her daughters and what she went through to bring them home while uncovering her own