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Nick Muska: The mind of a poet

Nick Muska is a poet and a storyteller, but it ain’t that simple. Muska tells stories in print, publishing three collections of poems  (ELM: Warehouse Poems, Living My Nightlife Out Under the Sun and All Cool (Carefully Selected Poems) and featured in two anthologies of GLASS WILL: An Anthology of Toledo Poets.  Soul-baring words of

Poets of Toledo

Sharing a community’s art is amazing. Toledo’s growing artistic community, beyond music and traditional art, boasts talented writers and poets, finally receiving deserved recognition.

The Steinem Sisters Collection

With the widespread discussion of the Time’s Up Movement and #MeToo, the addition of the Steinem Sisters Collection to the Toledo Lucas County Public Library (TLCPL) is relevant and timely.

Banana Mob Rule: Produce, Blackmail and the Mafia in Ohio

Weird historical tidbits like this fill the pages of Ohio’s Black Hand Syndicate: The Birth of Organized Crime in America, a new book published by Arcadia Press, that looks at the rise of organized crime in Ohio, thanks to the John Amicon Brothers and Company fruit store in Marion.