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Tricks of the Trade: Cheap Trick’s Advice is Worth Paying For

What is it about Cheap Trick that’s allowed this quartet to endure four plus decades? Could it be the simple combination of hooks, harmonies and fat riffs that easily makes them the greatest American power pop band still trodding the stage? Or is their enduring appeal found in the cartoonish approach to rock and roll

Pouring Puccini: Opera on Tap Brings Baritones to Toledo Bars

When most people think “opera,” they envision a stuffy, black-tie affair, with wealthy patrons peeking through their glasses and applauding politely. The idea of the venerated art form appealing to the masses seems unlikely to those with that kind of picture in their minds. It’s exactly the stereotype that the group Opera on Tap hopes

Field Guide: Spring time is here!

Spring has arrived (salute the vernal equinox) enticing us to relish and explore our corner of the world. Bright Decade The planet-protecting initiative known as Earth Hour is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The global conservation event unites us all when we simply turn off our electric lights from 8:30-9:30pm on Saturday, March 25 to help

Party at Carlos’ Poco Loco— it is officially open

It feels like almost a decade since Toledo’s UpTown District first heard rumors of getting permanent access to Mexican food. Maybe I’m projecting. In reality, it’s been less than six months— but hey, we’re pretty serious about tacos on Adams Street. I know those long, cold winter nights spent without salsa were unseasonable harsh for all