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The Black Forest Cafe serves heaping helpings of authentic German food

If you can’t get enough of the annual German-American Festival in Oregon, you don’t have to wait an entire year to enjoy the food. The Black Forest Cafe, a restaurant on the German American Festival grounds is open year-round and serving up a wide selection of authentic German foods. Formerly a private club, the Black

A Happy Balance: The Grille’s new app brings new items and more options

Hanger— that disorienting fever of anger and hunger— is no joke. When your belly grumbles, interacting with counter help tests your patience. Skip the line and score.a healthy meal made just for you at Balance Grille. Accompanying their spring menu release and the promise of downtown developments, the new customizable app includes a point system with

Back from a fire – Perrysburgers resumes what they do best

Perrysburgers has reopened after a devastating fire shuttered the burger joint nine months ago, and as far as we’re concerned, great food benefits from a little hardship. The fire marshals still aren’t sure what caused the fire at the cozy Louisiana Ave. restaurant in downtown Perrysburg that early morning, June 7, 2016, but a bit

Adams Street Café— Already A Staple

Don’t let the simple “Adams Street Café” name fool you— whatever comes to mind when you consider what lunch should be, standard this isn’t. More gastropub than diner, the Adams Street Café (ASC) offers comfort food with a culinary twist. Think Pork Belly French Toast or Curried Cauliflower, with Head Chef and Owner John Kerstetter

Displaced Chef food truck finds a place in Perrysburg

The hardest part about food truck meals are their fleeting nature. If you’re craving their food, you have to hope that the truck is available. Chef Matt Salgado, proprietor of The Displaced Chef food truck, took the bold step of opening a brick-and-mortar fixed location in Perrysburg last April, giving patrons the opportunity to pick