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Mancy’s Redux

A longstanding Toledo icon, Mancy’s Ideal, has a renovated look with emphasis on their roots, by reopening the doors (of the former Revolution Grill), inviting the hungry and curious to come and experience the tradition that started in 1921. The Ideal, the Mancy restaurant posse’s/ kabal’s/ gang’s/ family’s fifth location, is a throwback to the

Tecumseh’s Boulevard Market Crafts Michigan’s First Dry-Cured Fermented Salami

Producing cheese and bean-to-bar chocolate in house, Boulevard Market’s curated variety of wine and fine deli meats renders it a gourmand’s oasis in otherwise unassuming Tecumseh, Michigan, this time with new house-brand Black Pig Salami Co. Channeling their drive to improve the fine food collective’s approachability for everyday people, Boulevard Market founders Erika and John