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Breakfast pastry giveaways from Element 112’s Chef Nixon

Our parents like to remind us that breakfast is the most important day, but early morning eats are often the most difficult. Tired of settling for cereal? Raise your A.M. standards and take advantage of breakfast pastry giveaways from Element 112’s Chef Nixon. Every Friday morning the Sylvania chef offers breakfast pastries inspired by the season

Food Truck Friday at The First Annual Perrysburg-Maumee Walleye Fest

Catching Walleye works up an appetite, but the Maumee Uptown Business Association has your back. Hosting a special edition of Food Truck Friday, the MUBA brings in a herd of food trucks for you to graze from while enjoying the music of Chris Shutters. Expect up to 10 food trucks and special appearances from Toledo

Culinary Mavericks: Cooking Up Knockout Collaborations in Toledo

What does it take to stand out as a chef in a city saturated with restaurants? If you’re a culinary maverick, getting noticed comes naturally. these Toledo chefs balance competition with collaboration. Rivals? Maybe. Adversaries? Not. Local chefs are allies, collaborating to keep Toledo’s culinary industry cooking. [Special Advertising Section] Steven Auxter The Oliver House

Screaming for Ice Cream? Here’s the Scoop on Toledo’s Hottest Spots of Cold Treats

Warm weather might be late, but neighborhood ice cream stands have all opened on schedule. Who cares if the temperature is low? It’s officially spring and we’re ready to get our fill of cup and cone. Whether you want a pint of one of Rachel’s Handmade Ice Cream’s small-batch, high-quality flavors, or a giant cone of soft serve that’s practically priced at a penny per