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Drink up!

Drinking the water these days seems like a dangerous proposition, better stick to liquor. And when it comes to Toledo liquor, there are no better experts than this collection of bartenders, booze hounds and retailers. So pull up a stool and dip into the bar peanuts, while these whistle wetters spill their secrets. On second

A Weekend Warrior’s Brunch Bucket List

Some weekends require more than cereal. Maybe you need to fill your belly with carbs to soak up the alcohol. Maybe you want a place to meet up with friends. Maybe you’re looking for an excuse to spend just a little bit longer with that special someone. Whatever your dilemma, brunch is always a good

A Happy Balance: The Grille’s new app brings new items and more options

Hanger— that disorienting fever of anger and hunger— is no joke. When your belly grumbles, interacting with counter help tests your patience. Skip the line and score.a healthy meal made just for you at Balance Grille. Accompanying their spring menu release and the promise of downtown developments, the new customizable app includes a point system with

Breakfast pastry giveaways from Element 112’s Chef Nixon

Our parents like to remind us that breakfast is the most important day, but early morning eats are often the most difficult. Tired of settling for cereal? Raise your A.M. standards and take advantage of breakfast pastry giveaways from Element 112’s Chef Nixon. Every Friday morning the Sylvania chef offers breakfast pastries inspired by the season