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What You Need Know About the Sundance Kid Drive-In

Drive-ins, like carhops at diners, disappointing evenings at “Makeout Point” and Cruise Ins are the last vestiges of a car-centric culture that sprung up in the ‘50s. The Sundance Kid Drive-in Theater, which opened in Oregon in 1956, is a part of that “cool car tradition” that has persisted, even in the age of “Netflix

There’s No Place Like Home: Toledo Leads Community Awareness through Film

The sign says “For rent.” But if you know the drill, you know they won’t rent to you. And then you’re humiliated again— another rejection due to unfair treatment. Every day, Americans are discriminated against based on race, age, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation and family status. Renting or buying real estate becomes nearly impossible

The Kiwanis Club of Tecumseh presents Travel and Adventure Cinema Series

Perfect for folks who like to travel or look at other people’s vacation slides. The Kiwanis Club of Tecumseh is presenting their Kiwanis Travel and Adventure Cinema series, Great Rocky Mountain RV Adventure. Explore the scenic backroads of America, from New Mexico up to Yellowstone, without ever leaving your chair. If you’ve never seen the

13th documentary to screen at First Unitarian Church of Toledo

If you’ve heard about the Oscar-nominated documentary 13th, but don’t have Netflix, you are in luck. The First Unitarian Church in Toledo will be holding a screening and discussion of the 2016 film, named for the amendment that abolished slavery. An investigative look into the prison system and the racial inequality of justice in America,

The Glass City Screenwriters

Dream of writing the stories Hollywood makes into films? You’ve gotta get your start somewhere, why not join the Glass City Screenwriters? This local writer’s organization meets on the third Thursday of every month to discuss what’s new in movies and to workshop their own original pieces. If you have a screenplay tucked away in a

Franklin Park to screen ’90s action film Samuri Cop

Need a laugh? Do you miss the Mystery Science Theatre 3000-style dissection of z-grade films? Fathom Events hosts the RiffTrax version of early ‘90s action film Samurai Cop for two nights only. Watch show hosts (and MST3K stars) Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett break the fourth wall with bitingly funny observations on this