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Ghosts in the Glass City

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you fully expect a visit from the supernatural when standing in the middle of the night in the nearly pitch black attic space of the Toledo Yacht Club. A mood-heightening green light has been cast over some toys— a stuffed bear, a toy truck, some bouncy balls— and

3rd Annual Maumee Film Festival gears up

The Maumee Film Festival, a chance for Toledo area filmmakers to show their skills behind the camera, is hosted at the Maumee Indoor Theater, Saturday, Sept. 23. This year’s panel of judges, who personally watch and rank the submitted films, includes Katie Holmes, her sister Tamera Fretti and Maumee native and actor Robert Knepper, best

Toledo-born filmmaker brings his divine comedy back home

Mark A. Cummings dreams of a new Hollywood, here in Ohio. Well, maybe that’s putting an extreme spin on it, but the Toledo-born Cummings certainly has big screen dreams for his home state. With his production company, Awalkonwater Entertainment, Cummings has recently released his fourth Ohio-shot film, Holy Hustle. Filmed down in Columbus, where Awalkonwater

Toledo’s Little Elephant shoots, records touring bands

Little Elephant’s Rob Courtney is doing better in Toledo. For the past four years, Little Elephant— a studio Courtney owns with partners Brian Gross-Bias and Mark Metzger— has been shooting videos, in Little Elephant’s living room studio, of bands traveling through Toledo and uploading them to the studio’s own YouTube channel. Last year, the trio