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Toledo’s Little Elephant shoots, records touring bands

Little Elephant’s Rob Courtney is doing better in Toledo. For the past four years, Little Elephant— a studio Courtney owns with partners Brian Gross-Bias and Mark Metzger— has been shooting videos, in Little Elephant’s living room studio, of bands traveling through Toledo and uploading them to the studio’s own YouTube channel. Last year, the trio

5 Must See Films At The Glass City Film Festival

The one thing you absolutely need to accept about any film festival is that you won’t make it to every showing. Even when the films all play on one screen, and aren’t running concurrently, it’s just too big a time commitment for most people. That reality being realized, it’s imperative to select films carefully, plotting

Toledo celebrities who aren’t Jamie Farr

If you reference celebrities with ties to Toledo, everyone knows Jamie Farr, the star of TV series MASH. Dig a little deeper and people will say Katie Holmes, the star of ‘90s teen TV series Dawson’s Creek and films such as Thank You For Smoking and Batman Begins. After that, it gets a little hazy.

Library’s Film Focus program centers on documentaries

Since 2004, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library’s Film Focus series has been opening viewers’ eyes and minds to movies not found at the local multiplex. “Film Focus started as a way of showcasing quality and interesting, non-mainstream film in a community setting at the library,” said Tracy Montri, audiovisual department manager. “It was very