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The Brass Tacks On Coffee Quest 419

A number of local participating shops have brewed up a hunt that ends with a treasure, as well it should. At the journey’s completion, T-Town jewel Jupmode offers an original Coffee Quest 419 shirt, which we’re sure will be sported proudly by all true coffee-lovers.

Blue Week Opens Windows On Wild, Rare

Tired of the tame? Ready to jump in with the authentic and gritty? Or maybe just seeking unique, entertaining activities to share with family and friends. Find all that create memories during Blue Week, a nature extravaganza highlighting the treasures of the Oak Openings Region.

Field Guide: Awe-Inspiring Universe

This month the universe offers us a solar eclipse, a meteor shower, the swirling Milky Way and beyond. Day Sky The Moon will create quite a show on Monday, August 21 with a solar eclipse, passing between the earth and the sun and blocking our view of the sun. A small part of the US

Field Guide: Summertime Fun Outdoors

Great Lakes Fishing Join in the increasing popularity of largemouth bass fishing by participating in any of the competitive and fun tournaments in Toledo, Central Lake Erie, and Eastern Ohio. Populations of largemouth bass are healthy, big and biting. The Great Lakes Largemouth Toledo Division series will be held on August 13 and 27 at