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Learn about orchids at these greater Detroit orchid events

Beyond their beauty, orchids are also known as one of the most difficult plants to grow. While most orchid owners know one tip for sustaining these botanical beauties— “just add ice”— bringing them to bloom is a bit more complicated. Learn all about orchids, or just enjoy gazing at many orchid varieties, during two upcoming

Celebrate the art of film at the Ann Arbor Film Festival

Since 1963, Ann Arbor has served as the home of North America’s oldest avant-garde and experimental film festival: the Ann Arbor Film Festival (AAFF). Originally founded by George Manupelli as an alternative venue for filmmakers and artists to share their work, AAFF continues the tradition of celebrating the art of film and the bold, visionary

St. Patrick’s Day Roundup

This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls out on a Saturday— which means we get a full day of fun, and a full day of rest, before returning to work. Want to make the most of it? Take a look at a few of our favorite local events below.