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Get Crafty at the DIYpsi Summer Festival

Hit the road up to Ypsilanti for the DIYpsi Summer Festival. Over 90 arts and crafters from all over the United States will show off and sell their intricate wares. Take a break from shopping to listen to the live music. $1. 11am-8pm | Saturday, August 18 Noon-6pm | Sunday, August 19 ABC Microbrewery |

Oddball Abodes at the Detroit Weird Homes Tour

Have you ever caught yourself lingering by a neighbor’s window, hoping to catch a glimpse inside? Yeah, neither have we. But, hypothetically, say you’re one of the many who are curious to take a peek into closed quarters—wouldn’t you want to look inside houses that are stranger than fiction? Ten of the most eccentric homes

Navigating The Toledo Jeep Fest— Off-Road

Seeing a Jeep in Toledo isn’t exactly notable, but what about seeing thousands of Jeeps parade through downtown? Gaze at this spectacle, and others, during the second Toledo Jeep® Fest, August 10-12, a three-day extravaganza featuring entertainment, car shows, live music, and, of course, plenty of reasons to rev your engine. A revamp of the

8 Ball Ann Arbor Screens Altered States and The Fly

Ever feel like an alienated, isolated weirdo? Perfect. Get strange in the dark at the 8 Ball in Ann Arbor during a transformational double feature featuring Altered States, the 1980 film about hallucinatory drug-fueled experiments, and The Fly, David Cronenberg’s 1986 cult classic about a man who transformed into a giant humanoid fly. The two