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96.5 FM Gives Hispanic Community Something To Talk About

When Linda Parra moved to Toledo in 2000 and didn’t find a single Spanish station on the local radio, her mission to start one of her own was decided. “I thought, ‘Something has to happen here,’” Parra said. After launching a radio show in 2005 at the University of Toledo, she also founded Nuestra Gente

Mancy’s— Uncorked

Toledoans love wine, almost so much that you could hear the collective sigh of local oenophiles when The Anderson’s closed their doors. Now what? Mancy’s Restaurant Group is ready to fill your glass with their newest concept— the Bottle Shop at Mancy’s Italian. Opening Wednesday, September 27, the fine wine and craft beer store—complete with

Barry’s Is Coming Downtown And It’s Everything (Bagel) To Me

If you’re from Toledo, if you’ve lived in Toledo, if you’ve visited Toledo, if you’ve even heard the word “Toledo,” you probably know one thing: The Glass City goes wild for Barry Bagels. Since the locally-owned chain was founded in 1972 by the late Barry Greenblatt, Barry Bagels has expanded, opening eleven locations in Ohio and Michigan,

Take Me To The Maumee River: Businesses That Offer A Water-Fueled Adrenaline Rush

The Maumee River is open for adventure, romance, thrills, and family activities of all kinds. Toledo-area residents have choices for exploring, relaxing, or satisfying their adventurous side.   If you’re looking for a day with the family and friends, date ideas, or a water-fueled adrenaline rush, these businesses have you covered: River Lures Kayaking 419-832-0989. Riverlureskayaking.com

Experience summer on the water at North Cape Yacht Club

Imagine a yacht club: stuffed shirt-types sip pouilly-fuissé by the water, wear captain’s hats and brag about how much better they are than “the landlubbers,” right? As it turns out, yacht clubs aren’t really like that at all— particularly the North Cape Yacht Club (NCYC). Oh, there’s drinking all right, and maybe a few captain’s