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TMA seeks to brush up the Old West End

For a mere ten dollars, the cost of a lunchtime meal, The Toledo Museum of Art was able to purchase the Museum Residences, a group of five buildings situated close together on Collingwood and Monroe, which include the Lincoln Suites, and the historic Bartley Mansion. The acquisition was finalized in March, and the Museum is

Ancient art made contemporary

Since ancient Egypt, artists have used hot beeswax, pigment and resin to create gorgeous encaustic paintings. A difficult medium, the style has faded out of popularity over the years, but Perrysburg artist Christine Deemer is bringing it back. See how Deemer juxtaposes a contemporary, hyper-realistic aesthetic with this ancient art to create images of ocean

Land of landscapes

Online art instructor and painter Tim Gagnon has visited from Maine to showcase his detailed, realistic and picturesque landscape paintings in a solo show at the American Frame Showroom, on view through November 30. In addition to the exhibit, American Frame has partnered with Gagnon to create a collection of frames specifically designed to complement

When in Rome…

… act like a Late Roman— extravagant, glossy and glittering with gold. Get a sense of the art history of Late Roman masterpieces during the Toledo Museum of Art’s next exhibit, Glorious Splendor: Treasures of Early Christian Art. See 30 ornate and precious masterpieces never before publicly displayed, with a focus on the the period

If you can’t DIY— just buy

For the past few years, most of my holiday shopping has been done in a full-on, Supermarket Sweepstakes-style fugue state during Maker’s Mart. Since the mart features more than 100 handmade vendors, I always find something super cute and absolutely perfect for everyone on my list. Prepare for the gift-giving season during the Handmade Toledo’s

Watercolor Without Brushes at the Art Supply Depot

Have you ever painted without a paint brush? We’re not talking about covering your fingers in acrylic paints— we’re talking watercolors. Learn how you can incorporate unconventional tools, like a credit card, potters’ tools, twigs, air and gravity, into watercolor works during a two-part workshop, Watercolor Without Brushes, at The Art Supply Depo. Try out