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Mr. Atomic Lights Up Monroe Street

Mark and Mike Kersey— the twin brothers whose evocative and enchanting paintings have wowed Toledoans for decades under the name “Mr. Atomic”— are two of the most endearingly offbeat and eccentric personalities of the Glass City art scene.

TMA seeks to brush up the Old West End

For a mere ten dollars, the cost of a lunchtime meal, The Toledo Museum of Art was able to purchase the Museum Residences, a group of five buildings situated close together on Collingwood and Monroe, which include the Lincoln Suites, and the historic Bartley Mansion. The acquisition was finalized in March, and the Museum is

Immigrant Stories

When was the last time you found yourself in a phone booth? The little, closet-like structures once dotted the urban landscape, connecting us with faraway people and locations. The internet and cell phones have changed all that. Now the phone booth exists as a seldom-seen relic of the analog era. But the Afghan-American conceptual artist