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Back In The Loop: 3rd Thursdays Are Back

In 2015, The Arts Commission expanded monthly Art Walks into a more defined monthly series: the 3rd Thursday Art Loop. During the pilot year, the Art Loop featured around 30 creative spaces offering special events, art demonstrations, drink and food specials and more. With continued growth, the Art Loop will enter its fourth year even

Dani Fuller’s Downtown Sylvania Transformation

Over the past five years, Dani Fuller has progressed through the following roles, artist, creative art director, gallery director, and now, the gallery owner of Fuller Art House. Fuller’s artistic transformation came with a push. Moving into the Centre In 2013, Fuller moved from Chicago to take on the role of Creative Director for Sylvania’s

Beyond Kitsch: Creating the Paint by Number Phenomena

Before Bob Ross and the Joy of Painting ever hit the scene, Paint-By-Number (PBN) was teaching amateur artists the thrill of oil painting. From kittens to Queen Elizabeth, driftwood to Jesus, the subject matter appealed to almost everyone— except the critics. Still, the concept had friends and foes alike asking the question, “What is art?”

A Motor City Muralist’s Journey

For almost three decades, Dr. Hubert Massey has graced the city of Detroit with large-scale works of art that tell the story of that community. On Wednesday, March 14, the accomplished artist will discuss his journey and what it takes to do what he does during the Lourdes University Art Department’s 2018 Sister Jane Mary