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Rebecca Louise Law on Preserving Community

Rebecca Louise Law, an artist known for her hanging-flower, sculpture installations, travelled from her home in the United Kingdom to Toledo, she brought with her materials from every installation she’s ever made— a stunning bounty of over 100,000 pieces of preserved flora.

“Pieces to Peace”: Community Mosaic Explores Mental Health Concerns

Gail Christofferson’s latest project, a large-scale mosaic set to be installed in July at 411 N. Michigan Ave. in downtown Toledo, is a joint effort with A Renewed Mind, a local mental healthcare provider. Funded by a grant through the Toledo Community Foundation and the David and Laura Lovell Group, the mosaic, “Pieces to Peace”—a decidedly appropriate title—has been in the works for the better part of a year.

Back In The Loop: 3rd Thursdays Are Back

In 2015, The Arts Commission expanded monthly Art Walks into a more defined monthly series: the 3rd Thursday Art Loop. During the pilot year, the Art Loop featured around 30 creative spaces offering special events, art demonstrations, drink and food specials and more. With continued growth, the Art Loop will enter its fourth year even

Dani Fuller’s Downtown Sylvania Transformation

Over the past five years, Dani Fuller has progressed through the following roles, artist, creative art director, gallery director, and now, the gallery owner of Fuller Art House. Fuller’s artistic transformation came with a push. Moving into the Centre In 2013, Fuller moved from Chicago to take on the role of Creative Director for Sylvania’s