Style Sense with Makeup Artist Amy lewis

. March 21, 2017.
Photo Cred: Amy Lewis
Photo Cred: Amy Lewis

Amy Lewis

Age: 27
Occupation: Makeup Artist
How long you have been doing it: 8+ years

How long does it take you to do your makeup on a typical day? Natural look: 30 minutes Glam look: 1 hour.

What’s the most amount of time you’ve spent on one look, for either yourself or a client? Two hours for a fantasy makeup shoot involving silver and gold body paint, glitter, holographic vinyl eyebrows and custom Swarovski lashes.

When you do your makeup, what decision typically guides your overall look— the cosmetics you choose for you lips or eyes? Definitely eyes! That’s my favorite part of doing makeup, so I usually spend the most time on eyes and once those are finished everything else just falls into place.


Amy Lewis (Photo Cred: Amy Lewis)

What makeup trends should we look out for? What makeup trends are over? 2017 Makeup trends include: 1) Makeup featuring a minimalistic bare-skin approach – natural, sun kissed color with radiant skin. 2) Metallic textures on eyes and lips especially gold and rose gold. 3) No-makeup makeup with a bold lip color 4) Hottest lip colors: Orange-Reds, Hot Magentas, and Dusty Rose. Bonus points if you press it into your lips with your fingers for a worn-in look.

Do I actually need to use a primer? What the heck is it? Not necessarily, but it depends on your skin. Primers are a clear liquid or cream product designed to provide a smooth base for foundation and extend the wear of your makeup. I always use an eye primer, and sometimes use a primer for the rest of the skin.

What’s the most memorable job you’ve ever done? Working with my first celebrity client, Golden Tate (Detroit Lions Wide Receiver), for a Humane Society print ad and commercial. The crew got to play with adorable rescue dogs at their training facility.

What type of makeup makes you feel powerful? A fierce winged liner, mink lashes, and a bright red lipstick.

In general, less or more? Less. I think it’s important for people to embrace their natural beauty and unique features. You don’t always need a full face of makeup with tons of products to look and feel beautiful.

Do you ever go without makeup? If not, what products do you feel “naked” without? Of course, but it’s very rare to find me out in public without an ounce of makeup on. I feel naked without at least my brows filled in, mascara, concealer and lip gloss.