Style sense with Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez

. February 22, 2017.

Anita Lopez
Occupation: Lucas County Auditor

When it comes to professional attire, many in the workforce play it safe with conventional clothing. Then there are those who forego standards and pick the pieces that fit them— not the norm. Anita Lopez, Lucas County Auditor, admits she doesn’t care about fitting in. She would rather make a statement by being herself.

“I know that women in leadership sometimes want to conform to the typical maledominated business world, and I am capable, but I like to dress and feel feminine,” said Lopez. “I prefer skirts over pants. I wear a lot of jewelry. I keep my hair long and wear it down. I never want people to forget that I’m a woman in charge.”

Are there any fashion trends that you wish would make a comeback? This question makes me think about imagery from the Big Band and Swing Era of the ‘30s and early ‘40s I really love the style, feel and the clothing of that time… the wide flowing dresses and skirts with the form-fitting, top portion. Sometimes the women would accent the outfit with gloves. Always heels. The clothing was so feminine and fun. It seems people really knew how to enjoy themselves in those times. The dresses that were worn in jazz clubs seemed to dance right along with the women wearing them. I could definitely be happy if those styles made a comeback.

Where is your favorite place to shop to find the perfect outfit for an upscale event? White House | Black Market. I perceive the clothing to be high quality. The outfits are stylish and durable. It’s very easy to mix and match items and I like the way the clothing is merchandised. I can just pick out an outfit and go. Lastly, the price is relatively reasonable considering the quality.

As the Lucas County Auditor, you have to dress professionally for work, but is there anything unique that you do to add your personal touch to your work attire? I like to wear jewelry. In the world of business, the protocol seems to be to dress conservatively, and I do. However, I’m comfortable wearing a necklace, colorful jewelry, a bracelet or whatever. I also prefer to keep my hair longer.

How important is your hair in relation to your overall style? What is your favorite hairstyle? My hair is just a part of who I am as a person. I do not overthink it. My hair is thick and as I mentioned before, I like to wear it longer. I will even wear bouncy curls every once in awhile.

If one local clothing store offered you $1,000 shopping spree, which store would you like it to be and why? That’s an easy question, Sophia Lustig in downtown Toledo. The clothes are so elegant and the atmosphere of the store is very warm and charming.