Style Sense with Ama Chi

. August 17, 2017.

What do you get when you mix prints, lace, denim, bold jewelry, and a free day? A carefree spirit who sees life through a Saturday lens, a “free” day where you can sleep in and wear mismatched clothes. Later, people go out dressed to the nines, with hair and makeup on fleek.

Transitions of a naturally gifted model. Miss Ama Chi, a US postal employee by day and actress/model by night, is the perfect Saturday movie, a story beautifully produced.

Can you tell us what your name Ama Chi means? In many west African cultures, the day a girl is born they are given that name. So I am a Saturday born girl, Ama is my name. Chi in Igbo mean one of spirituality. So in total my whole name means Saturday born daughter of spirituality.

What is your profession? I am an employee of the United States Postal Service, but I am also, in conjunction with my best friend, starting a body beauty line called Kara Sevede, which is Turkish for “Black Love”.

If you have a sixth sense, what would it be? Knowing what people are feeling. Knowing there auras good or bad. Almost telepathic in a sense.

When did your modeling career begin? I took classes when I was in middle school, but I didn’t get really serious about modeling until I was about 19.

How do you prepare for photo shoots and fashion shows? I always confirm my appointments, it is the most important factor when preparing for a shoot. Things change quickly, so I may have to adjust. I get hair and makeup prepared. I arrive at least 30 minutes before the models are expected to arrive to find a space to organize.

If you were going to a party, what is your go to look: Bodycon Diva or Bohemian Goddess and why? Always Bohemian Goddess, mostly because I am a Goddess and I like to be comfortable. Something like shorts, a tee with heels, are always a go to. Plus accessories are EVERYTHING.

Describe your dream red carpet designer. Definitely someone local who is up and coming with a good sense of feeling the energy of who they are designing for. In a perfect world, one who is environmentally conscious of the fabrics and things they use is ideal.

Do you select your wardrobe? All my on screen wardrobe I select myself, however, the costume director has to approve the outfits..

Who are your fashion icons? They come and go. I don’t have a specific icon. Right now Rihanna, as cliche as that may be, is someone I look up to. And Grace Jones, I’ve always loved how bold she is. Oh, but definitely the one person always near and dear to my heart is Ms. Erykah Badu.

Do you take fashion risks with your personal style? Absolutely. Getting dressed would not be fun if I didn’t.