Style Sense: Rodell Fullilove, Jr.

. October 20, 2015.

Age: 26
Occupation: Visual Merchandiser at Forever 21/Clothing Consignor

Rodell Fullilove, Jr. has a creative style that’s undefinable, which makes it even more distinctive. Encouraged by his mother at a young age to test the fashion waters, he’s sailed into a style that captures his free-spirited nature, with his looks exhibiting a skillful coordination of texture, color and thrift store scores, which he resells at

How would you describe your style?

Unique, one-of-a-kind… my mom always told me to… wear what you want to wear even if it’s not something that everyone else will wear. Just go against the grain if you like it… my mom didn’t dress me as a kid. She let me dress myself, so I probably looked crazy for a while until I actually learned a little bit about style. 

You don’t like being closed in.

I don’t like being put in a box at all or being told what I’m able to wear. That’s why I really disliked uniforms in school. I was always trying to find a way around it, like I’d wear my polo shirt and wear a collared shirt underneath… I was just trying to dress it up in some way. 

Your Kings Cove website— is that just thrifted clothing? 

It’s all clothes that I find… through the surrounding areas of Toledo. Go see what the thrift stores are offering and pick out little things… I have a closet full of jackets. I have leather jackets, old vintage Nike jackets and stuff like that. I even have women’s clothes. I like a lot of blouses and patterns. 

What specific stores do you like shopping at? 

…Goodwill is one of my favorites because they aren’t too pricey..In terms of the big stores, I love shopping at Forever 21 because they have a wide range of clothing styles… for shoes I love Aldo.

Are there any celebrities or icons that have influenced your style? 

Lenny Kravitz; I really like the way he dresses. I like the way Pharrell dresses. André 3000; I like his suits. When I dress up, I like to be nice and fitted like that. 

If you could possess one style superpower, what would it be? 

To help people bring out their style, their individual style… Maybe push them outside their box a little bit, because you know how some people get stuck in there… I wouldn’t want to try dressing anybody like me, unless they wanted to.