Style Sense: Kristin Michalak

. February 9, 2016.

Age: 34

Occupation: Contract Coordinator at Medical Mutual of Ohio

Great style isn’t simply created by wearing the current trends. A remarkable look is composed by combining items that play well together—  which Kristin Michalak has mastered. By mixing modern, urban items with flowy, bohemian pieces, she creates a look that is distinctively her. As a lover of accessories like necklaces and scarves, she adeptly uses them to create a statement or as finishing touches to pull her looks together. 

My style is: Laid-back. I like oversized stuff. I’m not really big into patterns; if there’s a pattern, I like that thing to be the focus. [I like] big jewelry, boho chic. 

My sense of style began:  Ever since I was little. But I was in New York [City] for a while, living there, and it really opened my eyes to [different styles]. 

I feel best wearing: Dresses. I really like to wear jeans with dresses, longer shirts like tunics. 

The celebrities or icons that have influenced my style are: Sienna Miller, she’s pretty boho chic and I like her clothes a lot. The Olsen twins–they’re kind of funky.

The three must-haves in my wardrobe: A good pair of jeans, good necklaces, and scarves because they go with everything. I’m really into accessories. You can really mix up a lot of outfits with different accessories. 

Where do you shop locally? Lily Whitestone (5641 N. Main St., Sylvania) is an awesome store! They have very unique accessories if you are into having something totally different and funky. Schramm’s Flowers also has some really cool jewelry.

My favorite statement piece: This necklace [a belt from Free People that she repurposed as jewelry].