Style Sense: Daryl Layson’s Hardly Basic Basics

. April 18, 2017.

Daryl Layson

Age: 22
Occupation: Corporate Marketing/HR

I imagine Daryl’s closest to have the same properties as a magician’s hat. While I doubt rabbits and white doves live inside, it’s hard to believe that his seemingly-limitless sartorial options can fit inside a standard-sized wardrobe when he has such a diverse sense of style and large assortment of outfits. However, Daryl promises me that he definitely doesn’t have a studio apartment dedicated to storing his apparel, which is just part of what makes the 22-year-old’s style sense so impressive.

Often mixing classic menswear with contemporary cuts, Daryl’s polished and timeless looks begin with preparation. Instead of chasing down cheaply-made, trendy items sold online to play catch up with popular fashions, he sets his own pace. By investing in high-quality garments, unique pieces and totally not-basic basics, Daryl uses clothes he already owns to style the new outfits he wants to wear.


What’s the difference between fashion and style?
Fashion: Being able to piece together trendy fashion items and coordinate well is fashion.

Style: Being able to piece together fashion items and coordinate well is style. Notice, I left out the word trendy. Trendy describes what is “in”, “current”, and “popular”. Having style varies on each individual and is a personal choice.

Are the fashion-conscious conscious of the unfashionable?
I think some fashion-conscious people are conscious of the unfashionable, but not all. For some, it comes natural to be able to coordinate items, shop according to their body type, and dress well, but for others that can be a challenge. Sometimes I think those fashion-conscious people forget that. I realize that some people want to better their wardrobe but struggle in knowing how to do so, which is why I recently created a men’s lifestyle & fashion blog,, to help those people out! 😉 Feel free to subscribe and share!

What does it mean to be dapper?
I believe being dapper is more than just being fashionable. Being dapper encompasses exemplifying chivalry, manners, and respect for others – it’s about being a gentleman while looking physically appealing though dress. Being dapper is a lifestyle, not a collection of fashion pieces.

Is there a style you aim for, or term you think
just describes your natural style well?
There typically is not one style I aim for. One day I could be dressed in more urban or streetwear and the next I can be dressed like an ad in a Banana Republic catalog. I think a word to describe my style is versatile.  I dress how I feel on a given day. One thing holds true for whatever I’m wearing, more often than not, it’s relatively modest when it comes to color. I tend to go for blues, grays, black, and white. Very cool colors. I tend to show boldness through patterns and textures versus color.


Where do you shop locally?
Jupmode and Handmade Toledo. I also frequent the Devaux Village Goodwill and always find the most amazing pieces.

How does your upbringing reflect in your style today?
Typically people tend to dress like those they’re surrounded by. Growing up, I’ve been exposed to so many different environments and people, for this reason, is how I believe I’m so versatile in my fashion.

When do you dress your best?
I make an effort to dress and look my best everyday!! I believe you never know who you’re going to meet neither when or where, so I want to make sure I’m always prepared for those unforeseen opportunities and situations. Also, it’s important to look your best because of first impressions. You always want your first impression to be your best impression!

Best sartorial rule to break? Best sartorial rule to follow?
To break: The fashion rule to not wear navy blue and black together! With certain looks, I absolutely believe you can wear navy blue and black together.

To follow: Oh gosh, I have a long list. Do not wear athletic socks with dress clothes. Do not wear a crew neck tee under a v-neck sweater. Do not sag pants. Do not wear tennis shoes with a suit, I don’t care if the tennis shoes are patent leather. Neck tie should always go to your waist (belt buckle). Clothes should be ironed, get rid of those wrinkles!!!



How does your outfit impact your day?
When I’m dressed well, it makes me feel good. It makes me like I’m ready to take on and tackle the day. I can recall one day I wore sweatpants and my friends immediately asked me, “What’s wrong?”. They know I do not like sweatpants and must’ve been having a rough day if I was out in public wearing sweats – which was true. LOL

The key to dressing well is…
…knowing your body type. It’s important to know how to shop according to the build and makeup of your body for proper fit. Proper fit is the most important thing. You can wear the most fashionable, expensive, and/or tasteful pieces but if the fit is wrong, the entire look becomes a disaster.

What outfit makes you feel powerful?
When I’m wearing any one of my suits! No piece of clothing makes me feel more powerful or sophisticated than when wearing a suit!