Tell us your health insurance story

. March 16, 2017.
With the controversial “Obamacare”— aka the Affordable Care Act— health insurance system on the verge of being changed to a new health system under our new President and Congress, we want to know what Toledoans think.

TCP is calling for stories from people who:

  • obtained health insurance during the reign of Obamacare through the website exchange
  • obtained insurance through Ohio’s Medicaid expansion
  • obtained insurance through an employer but have something to say about Obamacare
  • or even people who refused health insurance and had to pay the “individual mandate” penalty.
We want to know what Toledoans think about Obamacare, the quality of their current health insurance plans, and their thoughts about the future.
The stories and information gathered will potentially be included in an upcoming article on health insurance in Toledo.