Spend Your New Favorite Holiday at So Sweet Pastries: Toledo Celebrates Worldwide Macaron Day

. April 21, 2017.

Those delicate, pastel confections made with almond and egg whites aren’t a new trend— they’ve been in vogue in France since 1792. Fortunately, those with a taste for both sweets and fashion  have brought the Parisian pastry into our hearts, homes, bellies and Instagram feeds.

Not to be confused with the dense, coconut mounds called ‘macaroons,’ the macaron is a sweet, meringue-based sandwich cookie made with almonds and filled with jams, jellies, buttercream and ganache.


Made in an unlimited number of flavor combinations, the brightly-hued cookies aren’t just eye-catching: the dainty dessert melts in your mouth, tastes distinct, and doesn’t cause the same mess as Instagram’s other favorite desserts (cupcakes, donuts).

Want to taste the rainbow?

Tempt yourself with one of these dainty desserts on Saturday, April 22 at So Sweet Pastries in celebration of Worldwide Macaron Day, a delicious tradition that began in 2005 when the Parisian pastry shop Pierre Herme merged dessert with community giving.

Beginning at 10am, 300 macarons will be ready for gourmet foodies interested in supporting Women of Toledo, a nonprofit promoting diversity and inclusion for women and girls.

Until So Sweet runs out, the pastry shop’s lauded cookie will be available for free to participants who donate to Women of Toledo.

Choose from flavors like strawberry, pistachio, chocolate, blueberry cheesecake, Nutella, and So Sweet’s newest flavor, cotton candy, plus more. Just choose wisely: the shop is following a “One Macaron = One Donation” rule.

Plus, gluttony isn’t chic— although very hard to avoid when faced with these picture-perfect sweets.

10am until supplies run out.
Saturday, April 22.
So Sweet Lebanese & French Pastries
4038 Talmadge Rd., 419-474-5445. sosweetpastries.com