We Don’t Like Flowers As Much As Tom Waniewski

. July 13, 2017.

Earlier this week, The Blade published an article with one of the worst quotes we’ve ever heard from a local politician:

“If a woman has her flowerpot stolen that is as much of a crime as someone shot in the central city.”

That was Tom Waniewski, a Republican Toledo District 5 councilman currently running for Mayor of Toledo.

Since he compared death to a missing bouquet, many Toledoans have spoken out.

13abc reporter Brigette Burnett asked Mr. Waniewski to explain his comment. He said he likes to use hyperbole:

“I recognize the importance of every life in the city, but make no mistake if there’s someone who calls for police in one part of town they deserve to get the police to respond. Right now we have 600 police officers and barely half of them are on the street. So we need to change that and we’ll be outlining that on Thursday.”

We’re not sure how many Toledoans like hyperbole, or flowers, as much as him.