Tinder, but with cheese

. May 17, 2016.

I knew the first time we touched. The way my lips tingled on contact. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. Then the bite. The way the crust would crunch and then give into this fluffy euphoria through which I reached Nirvana. The taste of all the flavors dancing on my palette. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. It was like, magic. No, pizza.    


Amie’s Pizza Factory

6710 W. Central Ave. ● 419-842-8008

Amie’s Pizza Factory began a little over 16 years ago when Amie opened her doors for the first time. Building a solid customer base with exquisite flavor and reliable quality, Amie began to enter into different pizza competitions throughout the city. After winning awards for her bbq chicken pizza and her Greek pizza, Amie left a flaming torch for long time employee, Liz, 5 years ago when she stepped down. At Amie’s, it’s all about the customer. Despite the new owner, the integrity of the company remains and they still win competitions with Amie’s recipes from all those years ago.


Caper’s Pizza

2038 S Byrne Rd. ● 419-389-9900

It all goes back to one thing, quality. Caper’s Pizza takes their one of a kind taste and turned it into a brand. They make the dough and pizza sauce everyday from scratch and use only the freshest of vegetables. All meats are cooked in house every day and those that can’t be are freshly sliced. Caper’s lovers can identify the pizza a mile away because of their signature medium style crust. Every weekday, Caper’s also has a Pizza Power Hour from 5-6 where all pizzas are half off including take out.


Charlie’s Homemade Pizza and Italian Cuisine

6600 W. Sylvania Ave. ● 419-882-6393

Charlie’s Pizza knows all too well about the potential a pizza has to be amazing. The Pizzeria has won numerous awards throughout the years under the direction of Chef Steve. His vision and keen sense for taste helped their handmade and crafted pizza place 4th in the country at North American Pizza and Ice Cream Show. The secret is in their hand tossed crust baked to perfection every time to get just the right amount of crunch. To top off their layers of sauce and cheese, Charlie’s is known for throwing on a superfluous amount of toppings to show they care.


Elbo Room

3515 W. Alexis Rd. ● 419-472-8702

We’ve all heard the saying, “age before beauty.” Well, the Elbo room proves to be the reason for the saying as it has been serving Toledo for over 60 years. They have a classic recipe that has stood the test of time bringing in pizza lovers alike for over 6 decades. The crowds come in for their vast array of thin crusted pizzas painted with a house made sauce and topped with the heartiest Toledo has to offer.


Home Slice Pizza

28 S St. Clair St. ● 419-724-7437

In baseball there are two types of base runners. Those who steal home, and those who do not. Pizza is no different. Home Slice takes risks with exciting toppings and daring sauce choices that pay off. To name a few, the Potato pizza takes our favorite starch and puts it on a pizza with all the typical toppings of a baked potato. The Chicken Parmesan. They take a chicken parm meal and put it on a pizza in a beautiful array of flavors one couldn’t imagine existed. The final binge worthy pizza is the Steak “ZA.” They take the perfect blend of A1 and ranch and top the pizza with a 5 cheese blend, fresh veggies, and seasoned steak.


J-Cups Pizza

3265 W Alexis Rd. ● 419-720-7361

J-Cups opened their doors over 20 years ago and in that time, have grown to 4 locations. J-Cups claim to fame in the Greater Toledo Area is their specialty pizzas. With over 25 diverse pies to choose from, there is something for everyone. Whether it be the award winning Pulled Pork Pizza, the beloved Loaded Potato Pizza, their new Mac N Cheese Pizza, or Porkzilla, their menu is sure to impress even the pickiest of eaters.


J & G Pizza Palace

5692 Main St. Sylvania ● 419-882-6061

A simple Pizza Palace with an important mission––To show Toledoans that quality ingredients and hard working employees take pizza a long way. This Sylvania Pizzeria makes their own sausage and grinds it down for the best taste possible to combat it with handmade dough and sauce for a signature taste. J&G stays true to their shop by making specialty pizzas like their House Special that show off what they can do.


Jo-Jo’s Original Pizzeria

4336 Monroe St. ● 419-473-1223

If you live in Toledo and haven’t had JoJo’s, are you really a Toledoan? JoJo’s has been around for a long time and secured their name as one of the best Toledo has to offer. They thank the community back by selling half price pizza every monday and wednesday. After years of making pizza, this Original Pizzeria has created the perfect balance of pie to toppings ratio. This is most evident in their House Pizza and 5 Meat Pizza.


Little Nero’s Pizza and Grill

330 W. Central Ave. ● 419-343-9999

You might recognize this name from the beloved 90’s movie, Home Alone. Little Nero’s joined the pizza making game with a purpose–to make a quality pizza for less than local delivery chains. They pride themselves on their crust by hand tossing it and topping it with a signature sauce blend. Customers have confirmed the best deal on the menu is the $6 large hot n ready pepperoni pizza.


Mama Mary’s Pizza

1535 Eleanor Ave. ● 419-724-9003

What is a pizza round up with a family owned and operated business on the list. Mama Mary’s prides themselves in their great product and customer service. They want the barrier between server and customer to be broken down because when you eat at Mama’s, you eat at Mama’s. Each item on the menu spends a long time on the waiting list because they want the flavor to be just right. Because the owners are from New York and New Jersey, they brought the East coast to Toledo. Their pizzas are usually 8 large pieces that are meant to be folded in half. Mama’s also created a 28 inch pizza called, the Colossal.



519 Monroe St. ● 419-244-7722

You don’t need to go to Chicago for deep dish pizza— PizzaPapalis has served up casserole-style za since they created their secret sauce in 1830. Golden brow dough, high-quality ingredients, and Wisconsin cheese make this pizza truly original.


Rivals Pizza

2115 W. Monroe St. ● 419-475-6505

Home of the largest pizza and pizza challenge in the state of Ohio, Royal’s is definitely passionate about the pizza. Their pizza challenge consists of eating a 30 inch, 13.5 lb pizza with a partner. Not to hard, right? Wrong! Many have tried but only one team has done it and they were professional eaters. For those who don’t want to try to knock out a 14lb pizza, Royal’s has a lot of specialty pizzas including a taco pizza and a buffalo chicken pizza. Their chefs really like to play around with flavors and create.


Rosie’s Italian Grille

606 N. McCord Rd. ● 419-866-5007

33 years ago Rosie opened her Italian Grille. The authentic Italian grille works hard to achieve the perfect blend of flavors in their food. Although it is an Italian grille, Rosie’s makes a pizza that has Toledoans raving. They have their own special pizza sauce and toppings, but that isn’t what catches people's’ attention. They’ve created a cheese infused gourmet pizza cracker crust that gives the perfect texture. The restaurant uses all of 97 year-old owners recipes.


The Village Idiot

309 Conant St. Maumee ● 419-893-7281

All great pizza makers know the best oven for the job is the bakers pride. They’re rare to find anymore due to the fact that it is an enormous brick lined oven which can reach temperatures of 700 degrees. Despite this, it produces the best pizza around and that is what this Maumee pizzeria was going for. The Idiot uses a simple sauce with only 4 ingredients, vine ripened tomatoes, olive oil, spices and garlic. If their choices didn’t make them unique enough, their toppings definitely will. They include,  asiago cheese, feta cheese, fresh Italian sausage, hand cut pepperoni, capicola, artichokes, roasted red peppers, roasted garlic cloves, fresh button mushrooms, portobellos, and meatballs to name just a few.


ZaZa Wood-Fired Pizza and Mediterranean Cuisine

3550 Executive Pkwy. ● 419-531-2400

At ZaZa, no detail goes unnoticed or unappreciated. This pizzeria literally brings the Italian kitchen to Toledo in order to make their authentic Wood-Fired Pizzas. ZaZa believes the best pizzas come from the best ingredients. Not only did they import a wood-fire oven, but each week they order in Italian flour, San Marzano tomatoes which are grown in volcanic soil in Italy, and fine Italian mozzarella. A taste of Italy in Toledo, Ohio.