The Secret To “Healthy” In 2017? Juicing

. January 12, 2017.

If done correctly, a 2-3 day juice cleanse is a great way to kick off your healthy-eating plan, detoxify, lose a few pounds and even reboot your metabolism.

Neuroflex Juice Co., a Perrysburg-based juice delivery company, founded in 2015, provides “juices and cleanses designed to rid your body of toxins and provide you with nourishing, healing, and invigorating ingredients,” according to owner, Dr. Emily Hayman. Whether you succumbed to pumpkin cheesecake, those butter-fortified Christmas cookies or too many eggnogs during the holiday season, the damage was done. Now it’s about recovery.
The Path to Juice

Originally from upstate New York, Dr. Hayman earned a BA in Psychology from SUNY Albany, before attending the University of Toledo from 2006-2014 to complete a master’s in Criminal Justice and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, Special Education.

While working with children with autism, “I began to focus on incorporating holistic nutrition, yoga, and alternative healing techniques… and began to see how strong of an impact it had on behavior and sensory symptoms of the children…. Many of the parents of these children became very interested in learning more about nutrition, not only for their child, but for themselves and their families….I received requests for easily accessible nutrition options and Neuroflex Juice Co. was born,” Hayman said.


Countering Alcohol’s Effect
We all know drinking in excess isn’t great for us, but Dr. Hayman explains it can actually make us sick. “Consuming alcohol impairs the ability of white blood cells, especially neutrophils, to travel to sites of infection or injury…. In a healthy body, neutrophils trap bacteria and viruses, but alcohol impairs their ability to do that, causing people to pick up colds or flu viruses shortly after they consume alcohol. Stress, lack of sleep and poor diet can also deplete white blood cells.”

Dr. Hayman’s suggestion if you have one too many? “One of our best “hangover” cures is “Dirty Green.” The ingredients, cucumber, spinach, baby kale, romaine, pear, moringa and wheatgrass (16 oz. sells for $7), pack a mean punch of antioxidants, vitamins, and natural liver cleansers to reduce inflammation, deliver oxygen to cells, and revitalize the immune system.

Dr. Hayman’s personal favorite blend is the Machu Picchu, comprised of spinach, coconut water, peppermint and matcha, which has a little caffeine (16 oz. sells for $8). “It’s full of antioxidants to fight free radicals, which cause cancer. It also boosts energy, maximizes attention span and cognitive performance, hydrates and stabilizes mood.”


That Juice Looks Good On You
If you’re ready to detox and de-bloat, you’re just a phone call away. While the cleanse juice is somewhat pricey, $100/2 days, $125/3 days, or $200/5 days, it’s because Dr. Hayman uses quality ingredients. Besides, think of the money you’ll save by not eating for 2-3 days. Let Dr. Hayman customize a combination of juice blends based on your specific goals. She’ll even deliver them right to your front door.

Neuroflex Juice Co.,
119 W. 2nd St., Perrysburg. 786-606-0926.
9am-5pm Monday-Friday.

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  • Jamie Salve

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