Predict Autumn’s Colors With This Fall Foliage Map

. August 30, 2017.

When high temperatures only hit a cool mid-70s, a simple truth is revealed: summer is coming to an end.

Don’t panic. While we’re leaving behind swimming pools, short-shorts, iced espresso, and sticky humidity, we’re welcoming apple orchards, flannel shirts, hot coffee, and crisp, fresh air back into our lives.

Not to mention Mother Nature’s mood ring: the explosive, warm and gorgeous colors of fall’s changing foliage.

Want to make sure you soak up the best of fall’s changing colors? Leaf-lovers looking to witness the dynamic reds, oranges, golds, and browns of the forthcoming season now have an interactive map to chart the progress of leaf-changing.

Created by, the map used an algorithm that analyzes millions of data points to predict the 2017 fall foliage forecast.

Catch peak color in NW Ohio at the end of September.

View the map here to start planning trips, walks in the park and Sunday drives based around fall’s glorious, colorful splendor.