Living sounds get sprung at the Culture Clash

. February 3, 2016.
Living sounds get sprung at the Culture Clash

Toledo has responded to the closing of local music venues with homespun efforts, proving that together, music and community can survive the resistance. With spring around the corner, local record store Culture Clash has helped filled the live music venue deficit by returning to the intimate live music business with exciting in-store performances and a rare after-hours show. And still, the store offers an exceptional selection of recorded music.

La Luz by Brittany Adams


“Over the holiday season we were super busy. There are a lot of releases [around that time], and it can be hard to coordinate shows because not as many bands are touring,” says Culture Clash in-store organizer, Brittany Adams. “Once spring begins, it is easier to organize these sort of things.”

The store will host local shows over the weekend the next two weeks. On Saturday afternoon, February 6, there’s synth soul-psych duo Bliss Nova. Then on Friday, February 12, after the store closes at 8 p.m., catchy pop-rock duo Good Personalities will host an EP release party.

Love You Live

“The venues that have closed down are bars, and I think it’s actually more fun to experience live music in a setting that has a more DIY atmosphere,” Adams says. “You have a more attentive audience in that setting and… you’re surrounded by music and equipment. The whole place has a certain atmosphere.”

Citizen by Samantha Tucker


Adams is particularly psyched to feature the two upcoming shows. “Bliss Nova doesn’t play as many local shows, so it’s nice to have them [perform] here. They’ve gotten some blog-buzz and we wanted to scoop ’em up and have them play before they get too big,” she says, adding, “Good Personalities are my favorite band in the area right now.”

The store’s a big supporter of the local music community and sells many locals’ music on consignment. According to Adams, the resurgent interest in vinyl is particularly true for hometown acts.

“What ends up selling more and gets people excited, even if they don’t know the band, is when we have locals that have actually pressed their music to vinyl,” she says. “It shows some commitment to your music because it takes at least a couple months to get things pressed. It’s a little different than just burning a CD.”

Wax Attack

Waxahatchee by Brittany Adams


There’s just something more intimate and engaging about vinyl.

“If you’re inviting someone over and you say, ‘Do you want to come over and listen to some Spotify playlists?’ That’s a much different invitation than, ‘Do you want to come over and listen to some records?’”



Bliss Nova, 3pm on Saturday, February 6.
Good Personalities EP Release, 8pm on Friday, February 12.

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