Connect & Collect: The Fair Housing Center Gathers Keys For New Public Art

. April 4, 2018.

ProMedica’s “I’m In” Foundation (Impact and Inspire Event Series for Young Professionals) will be featuring The Fair Housing Center of Toledo‘s Community Key Collection, as plans are unveiled for a new public sculpture tomorrow, Thursday, April 5, from 5:30-7:30pm.

Young professionals are invited to join the foundation for an evening of drinks and a light menu. Connect with others over casual conversation, and bring along the old keys clogging up your keyring. You may not need them, but Fair Housing certainly does.

Michael Marsh, President and CEO of The Fair Housing Center, highlights the foundation’s mission: “Our Community Key Collection encourages people to be part of a public art project by donating new or old keys. We’ll collect thousands of keys across the community and they will be used to create a unique outdoor sculpture by artist Dane Turpening of Toledo Twisted Iron. The “Keys to Opportunity” sculpture will be unveiled this fall, and represents the role fair housing plays in opening the door to the vital resources that enable us to thrive.”

Turpening will be in attendance to reveal sketches and summon the community to be a part of the work’s creation, as will the FHC and ProMedica Foundations.

The Blarney Event Center | 601 Monroe St., Toledo
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