Share and Inspire: The Courage Of Coming Out

. June 28, 2017.

Until recently, coming out stories have been consistently gut-wrenching. Today, we hear an inspiring variety. Some stories are funny. Some so underwhelming it is a relief. Some are like the stories that came before them: a tragic moment for a person with unbounded courage.

While the LGBTQ+ community enjoys more tolerance today, the fight isn’t over, and the act of coming out still takes courage. To go against expectations and tell your family, friends and loved ones your truth is never a simple act— but when someone finds their strength, that power echoes.

This year, we’re celebrating Toledo Pride with your stories and your experiences.

Maybe your coming out was followed by rejection? Maybe a laugh and smile from parents who said, “Oh, we know…” Maybe it was something in between? Maybe it hasn’t even happened yet?

No matter what your story, it has the power to impact. Help us inspire and educate our community by sharing your story in our annual Toledo Pride Issue (August 16), held in conjunction with the Toledo Pride festival (August 18-19).

Please submit your story (300 words or less) through the form below, or by e-mailing, by Tuesday, August 1.