Stories to Tell: Tim Oehlers’ Ninth Album—Songs for the Motherland

. July 17, 2018.

When it comes to music, passion and dedication are a huge part of success. That commitment and drive make local entertainer, Tim Oehlers’ music well-rounded, educated, and eloquently heartfelt. You likely recognize Oehlers’ name, with 45 years of musical experience, it’s written on chalkboards and online calendars of local venues, promoting upcoming shows. While performing solo most of the time, he’s also the founder of the unique experience “Up Close Concerts” and a member of the recently formed Deep Groove Trio.


Maternal influence

Most of the tracks on his upcoming acoustic release, “Songs for the Motherland” are ten to fifteen year old originals which he recently recorded with better sound quality. “My (mother’s) family . . . is from Kentucky,” he explains, and he gave that area the name “motherland” at a young age. “[The title] had to do with my mom and her mom and all the different mothers I grew up with at the church we went to. I was surrounded by mothers. I wanted to incorporate the word ‘mother’ into the title somehow, to honor them.”

Oehlers speaks with true affection, enthusiasm and adoration in his voice when reflecting back on the creation of this album. “Women are the best in my opinion. I look up to them. I think they are the driving force of humanity.” A family-oriented man, Oehlers includes tracks dedicated to his supportive wife and children. “Sweetie Pie” is about his wife and their lasting love for each other, while “Ryland at Play” is an instrumental piece that he played for his son when he was a young boy.


Messages through music

Along with lyrics about family are serious and sometimes controversial messages he wants to communicate—such as the negative effects of social media and heated political debates. No matter which song you’re listening to, Oehlers explains, “each song has a bit of a story to tell, even the instrumentals.” “The concept is based on love,” he continues, “I hope [listeners] gain a sense of peace along with some things to think about.”

Telling stories and conveying feelings of love correlates with Oehlers’ involvement in the local musical community. He’s not only a father of two children, but serves as a father figure to many in the industry, by mentoring young talent.

“I want those that are younger to have a better opportunity to get down that road quicker than I did.” he explained. Collaborating with local artists, booking shows and learning from other musicians, Oehlers’ love for music and the industry stands out.

“I also just love playing, even if I didn’t do it for a living, I would still play.”

Join Tim Oehlers’ CD Release Party Saturday, July 21 at the Art and Performance Center of West Toledo, 2702 W. Sylvania Ave. 419-913-9010.